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The FOOD REVIEW website and journal is aimed at decision makers in the manufacturing processes of food, beverages and related industries. It offers incisive and authoritative reports on all aspects of the process, from raw material sourcing, to manufacturing and packing, right down to the distribution and marketing of finished goods.

FOOD REVIEW informs readers about the introduction of new ingredients, equipment, products and packs and provides objective commentary on local and international market trends and issues, as well as relevant processing and packaging technologies.

Master Menus is an online menu system for restaurantsThere are over 100 online restaurant guides or websites in South Africa. Some are national and some are local. Some charge for listings and others are free. Usually, websites that have menus, charge for listings as there is a high cost of maintenance. But, menus are the single most important thing that customers want to look at when making a restaurant decision.

Until now, to display a menu on a website, a team of staff is needed to constantly update it. In addition, website owners are dependent on the restaurant sending updates, which is often forgotten. This leaves menus outdated and customers angry.

Getting the message ‘out there’

Master Menus is a new concept that captures menus without the associated cost of capture and ongoing maintenance; and enables constant updating to reflect the most recent changes and even daily specials.

The system creates a table that shows the restaurant ID and Master Menus corresponding ID. On the restaurant’s page, there is a menu button that calls the correct menu using these IDs. Master Menus then reverts an iframe with the following features:

  • Create and update multiple menus for multiple restaurants; add wine lists, buffet menus, kid’s menus and so forth.
  • Add multiple portion sizes, prices, descriptions and photos.
  • Activate and deactivate menus, menu sections and menu items. Timed activation creates seasonal menus, and automatically activate and deactivate specials according to date. Hide menu items in real time as dishes run out and add them back later at the touch of a button. Menus can be updated minute by minute.
  • Franchise groups can distribute menus to branches.
  • Access menu anytime, anywhere and from any device. Master Menus is a cloud based application, which means that the menus are held on the servers and are accessible from any device at any time, including PC, laptop or Ipad/tablet.
  • Menus can be displayed in styles according to a theme. Themes include a mobile version, so will also display on smart phones.

Only one version of the menu is needed, and whenever it’s updated, every restaurant website and portal will be updated automatically. Master Menus supplies restaurant menus to restaurant websites and portals at no cost.

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