38th Annual SAPICS Conference well underway

SAPICS 2016In all industries, including food and beverage processing, efficient supply chains play a vital part in preventing inventory losses, wasted warehousing space, extended lead times etc. All these factors can cause a business to either lose money, spend more money that it should, have unhappy customers, or a combination of these.

Supply chain management is commonly misunderstood as public procurement, or as logistics in isolation, when it is in fact the integrated combination of activities that balance the supply of goods and services with the demand of customers.

The areas of expertise required to plan and maintain the balance between supply and demand is highly complex, and will be addressed during the 38th Annual SAPICS Conference for Supply Chain Management Professionals. Scheduled for 12 to 14 June 2016 in South Africa, the conference will explore topics that will help delegates to overcome challenges facing business professionals charged with reducing costs, increasing revenue and keeping customers happy. 

The event promises intelligent insights from leading supply chain executives and thought leaders in the profession and will offer an opportunity to learn from others in the profession regarding what works and what doesn’t. Through networking with other professionals and vendors in the industry delegates will be able to gauge the pulse of what is happening and find out what’s new in respect of tools, technologies, processes, and best practices.

Furthermore, delegates will benefit from the outstanding “take home” value of the event and will be able to use it as a springboard towards future ideas tailored to their own and their company’s needs. This conference is however not just for taking, it is also excellent opportunity for giving back to the profession by sharing your thoughts and experiences with others.

The speaker line-up for the 2016 SAPICS conference includes a number of highly sought-after local and international speakers. In addition, the conference will host in excess of 50 exhibitors relevant to the supply chain management industry.

To register and for more information please visit conference www.sapics.org