What’s Hot in FOOD REVIEW October 2019?

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What’s Hot in FOOD REVIEW October 2019?

Food Safety Training

Foodborne illnesses may result from the consumption of food contaminated by microbial pathogens, toxic chemicals or radioactive material. While many foodborne diseases may be self-limiting, some can be very serious, even resulting in death. Ensuring food safety is becoming increasingly important in the context of changing food habits, industrial food manufacture and globalisation of our food supply. Food safety law requires businesses to provide all staff handling food with an understanding of food safety. These good practices prevent customers from suffering food poisoning, allergic reactions, minimises food waste and boosts efficiency. In this edition of Food Review, we will provide an in-depth overview of different systems and training institutions that can help keep your facility safe.

Materials Handling & Warehousing

Customer satisfaction and trust are essential in the food industry. Food manufacturers and distributors rely on a product’s quality, freshness and reliability to remain competitive. To mitigate a recall and its detrimental effects, companies are turning to automation. An automated storage and retrieval system that utilises a warehouse execution system, is one of the chief technologies to reduce, if not prevent recalls. The high-speed nature of this type of system increases the speed that products are moved in and out of the warehouse to prevent spoilage. In addition to ensuring safety and brand reputation, automated food warehousing provides long-term advantages to overall warehouse operations – from reducing costs and increasing inventory accuracy to boosting productivity and optimising material flow.

Meat, Fish & Poultry

Consumers are favouring a less is more approach by cutting back on the amount of meat on their plate. Though under threat from plant-based products and vegan product innovation there is still room for growth. Premiumisation, better standards and more efficient processing operations are all expected to impact and fuel this sector. Meat snacks is another category worth exploring as convenience and portability is a trend across the food and beverage industry. Consumers seeking high-protein meat snacks will find a plethora of biltong, droëwors, meat snack bars, meat sticks and crunchy cracklings from high-quality pork. We focus on processing equipment and ingredients that can help you crack the meat code.
Flavoured Alcoholic Drinks

The beverage market offers exciting potential for new product development. Lower alcohol flavoured spirits are big this year. Diageo’s Ketel One Vodka, for instance, blurs categories as it targets drinkers of botanical Gin. In this feature, we look at the opportunities for suppliers of botanicals, colours and flavours. The health halo association with botanical ingredients is pronounced. A flavour survey conducted by Innova Market Insights indicates that consumers associate floral-flavoured drinks with freshness, and herbal flavoured drinks with health. The alcohol industry is at the forefront with its use of classic botanicals and unique blends.

Rigid Packaging

The modern consumer expects and enjoys creative and functional packaging. The food and beverage packaging industry is living up to this challenge, but must constantly innovate to meet high expectations. In this edition of Food Review, we look at the evolving market for rigid packaging, which is functional, greener, compact, lighter, sustainable, highly visible and stylish. Globally, the beverage and food packaging industry is the world’s largest consumer of plastics. This is expected to grow even further, with the demand for rigid plastic food containers expected to increase by five per cent per annum. This market is still hungry for innovation, particularly in plastic technology. If you supply systems and products that push boundaries in materials and design, we want to hear from you!


Creative packaging and labelling of products remain an area of constant growth and innovation. At a global level, food packaging has been using new labelling techniques that will assist with product freshness, features product tracking and tracing, maximises product branding and assists with longer shelf life. With only seconds to persuade potential customers, brand owners are seeking labels with special effects that give the perception of quality, such as varnishes, textures, the ‘no label look’ and speciality inks. We track all the latest products and technologies that can assist in getting you product maximum shelf appeal, focus on greener, recyclable labels and how good design will set you apart from your competitors.

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