GMPF brings out the sweet side of braaing

What’s a good old South African braai without a sweet something to end the meal? GMPF has combined two local passions – braaing and chocolate – to create a decadent dessert that is ready in five minutes. This is the latest entrant in the Food Review/ Symrise New Product Competition.

Garden Morris Packaging’s new take on dessert

‘South Africans love to braai and they definitely have a sweet tooth,’ says Barbara Queally, founder and CEO of GMPF. ‘With this in mind, we identified a gap in the market for braai desserts and so we created Braai & Choc.’

Braai & Choc is a Tastefully Yours product, which is a brand that falls under GMPF. It’s made from the finest quality Belgian milk and white chocolate buttons. The buttons allow the chocolate to melt quickly when placed on a braai grid.

‘Whether you’re out camping with your family or you’re at home with friends, the perfect way to end your braai is with a fuss-free pudding that everyone will love. It’s also a great timesaver, meaning you spend less time in the kitchen and more time socialising around the braai,’ says Queally.

The serving suggestion is to use strawberries, or fruit of your choice, and dunk them in the melted chocolate, giving you a healthier pudding option. For children, you can also replace the fruit with marshmallows, pretzels or biscuits. Braai & Choc is a convenient, easy and delicious dessert that is ready in five minutes.