Experience label trends first hand

In the world of packaging everyone is talking about sustainability and digital capabilities. For years now those two subjects are the focus for brand owners and packaging suppliers alike – fuelling research and development.

Sustainability and digital are keywords for the future of labelling

The results are impressive: labels come alive through the lens of the smartphone camera and customers dive into fantastic worlds through the decoration on the bottle they are holding in their hands. Labels can be made from renewable resources, enhance bottle-to-bottle recycling or be biodegradable.

Digital developments

Not only has packaging made the step into the digital world by integrating tiny antennas and electrical circuits (RFID & NFC) or coming to life with augmented reality applications: The digital printing technology has opened a whole new world of possibilities as well.

With CCL’s Any Stage Differentiation (ASD) technology the advantages of both digital and conventional printing are combined to create impactful decoration – the best solution for Diageo’s latest Captain Morgan promotion. By flexibly combining conventional and digital the label supplier could match the high quality of the standard label and its embellishments while varying the captain name.

Captain Drama, Genius and Clueless are just a few examples to choose from. The option to select the captain one identifies with the most aims at the growing trend for personalised products. According to Diageo it gives consumers the opportunity to celebrate the unique personalities within their friendship crew.’

Additionally, printing from a digital based image directly to a substrate reduces the cost for tools and lead times while offering immense flexibility. Digitally printed labels and sleeves feature excellent graphics and are the perfect solution for diverse runs, promotions or seasonal designs.

The need for sustainable solutions

A growing number of regulations and laws are already introduced and more will follow to support recycling and environmentally friendly solutions in packaging. To achieve sustainability goals, plastics and products containing plastics must be designed to allow for greater durability, reuse and high-quality recycling.

Many companies – especially from the food and beverage industry – are looking for fitting solutions to comply with the demands of politics and consumers. To balance sustainability and the push for maximum shelf impact will play an essential role in the process towards a greener future. For suppliers of decoration solutions like CCL Label the main goal is to create solutions that offer premium appearance while complying with ecological requirements.

At CCL’s state-of-the-art laboratories engineers develop solutions that fit all packaging requirements brands face. Well-proven technologies such as WashOff¬ and EcoStream have made their way onto the market very successfully over the past years enabling ecological solutions that are not only sustainable but premium.

Experience these innovations in Johannesburg this September!

After a successful debut in 2016 CCL Label will return to food & drink technology Africa. The third successful offset of Messe Munich’s drinktec is the world’s leading trade fair in the beverage and liquid food industry.

Designed especially for the needs of the local market, the event is evolving into one of the most important networking and business platforms for the beverage and food industry in South Africa. It gives its visitors a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the industry.

To spread the word and promote their capabilities, CCL Label will present the latest premium decoration solutions again this September at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

The different types of decoration, vast range of printing technologies, effects and innovations presented will leave a lasting impression and inspire new packaging ideas. Stop by at the CCL booth H5.131 to look for brand inspiration, learn about latest technologies and trends, network or discuss current and future projects.