CEO’s contract renewed ahead of term

Dr Bertram of SymriseThe supervisory board of Symrise AG has renewed the contract of CEO Dr Heinz-Jürgen Bertram ahead of schedule for a further five-year term.

Symrise substantially expanded its leading position and tapped into market segments beyond the traditional flavours and fragrances business under Dr Bertram’s leadership. Reaffirming Dr Bertram as CEO ensures leadership continuity and creates the foundation for further profitable growth. ‘We’ve been working with Dr Bertram very successfully and in a spirit of trust for many years. We are therefore pleased to reaffirm his appointment as CEO for a further five years before his contract is up for renewal. He has been part of the executive board for more than ten years and has worked with Symrise for nearly three decades. He has accelerated the pace of the company’s international development and diversification.

Symrise has an excellent reputation among its customers and in the capital market. With the early renewal of his contract, we are ensuring the group’s continued successful development,’ says Symrise’s supervisory board chairman, Dr Thomas Rabe.

Symrise has over the past few years established new business areas and increased its competitiveness through strategic acquisitions, particularly with regard to functional product solutions in the fields of nutrition and personal care. The company increased its access to sustainable and renewable key raw materials for the production of fragrances and flavours. Symrise has been cooperating with vanilla farmers in Madagascar for a number of years.

Meanwhile, Dr Bertram has a doctorate in chemistry. He performed in various management functions at the Bayer Group, Haarmann & Reimer Group and Symrise since 1985.