An array of quality steel belts and process systems

Sandvik, a manufacturer of steel belts and processing systems for the food industry, has a portfolio extending to the inclusion of bake oven belts, cooling lines and conveyors.

Sandvik manufactures steel belts and processing systems for the food industry
The company’s team is on-hand at Propak Cape to answer questions about its solutions. It also supplies steel belts for high precision printing as well as belts in carbon or stainless steel to suit the needs of a variety of food processing applications. They can be manufactured to virtually any length or width, and supplied in solid form, or perforated to provide a longer lasting, lighter alternative to wire mesh belts.

A key advantage of processing on a steel belt is the assurance of maximum hygiene. The strength, flatness and durability of a solid steel belt enable easy, effective cleaning and sanitising. This makes them particularly suited to applications such as meat processing.

The belts are versatile, maintaining their strength and flexibility at operating temperatures from minus 80°C to +750°C, which also makes them suitable for freezing, drying and baking. The company’s bake oven belts represent its largest food-related market, and can be produced in widths from 800 to 3 500mm. The thermal properties of a steel belt are ideal for an application where temperatures can reach as high as 400°C. The belt remains stable, provides excellent thermal conductivity for suitable baking performance and consistent product quality. It also delivers clean product release, ensuring high product quality standards are maintained.

Sandvik also produces its own process systems and is a supplier of forming/solidification equipment. These include the Rotoform FD, a food-grade pastillation system used to turn molten chocolate into pastilles for remixing as an ingredient or as chocolate chips for use in cookies and cakes.

The process is simple and efficient. Molten chocolate is fed into the Rotoform unit and deposited in droplet form onto a continuously running steel belt. The heat of the chocolate melt is transferred to cooling air blown onto the product and to the belt itself.

The excellent thermal conductivity of the belt delivers fast, controlled solidification and the chocolate pastilles are discharged cleanly at the end of the system.