Mayonnaise gets a healthy make-over

With the new B-well Creamy Gourmet and B-well Original Tangy mayonnaises, B-well now offers increasingly busy consumers canola mayonnaises that not only taste great, but also deliver on health.

Mayonnaise is just the latest category where B-well offers consumers a healthier alternative thanks to the numerous benefits of local B-well Canola Oil. Low in saturated fat, naturally very high in Omega 3, and the perfect balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 are just some of the reasons why B-well Canola Mayo will appeal to an increasingly health-conscious consumer.

B-well Canola Mayo Creamy Gourmet enters New Product CompetitionAware of an increasing trend towards allergies and gluten intolerance, the products are egg, gluten and dairy free. Thanks to its lower levels of salt and saturated fat, B-well Canola Mayo is the first and only mayonnaise in the country to be endorsed by the Heart & Stroke Foundation of South Africa. Certifications include both Kosher and Halaal.

The gourmet version is thick and creamy and doesn’t overpower, but fuses with the natural flavour of food. Original Tangy is a sweet condiment with a unique tangy taste.

Unique and fresh packaging ensures B-well Canola Mayo is instantly recognisable and will pop off the shelf. Armed with research that shows 92 per cent of consumers would switch to the Canola mayonnaise once they’ve tasted it, B-well is intent on ensuring every South African is won over.

B-well has entered the two condiments into the Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition. Follow developments in the competition by liking us on Facebook.