A new member in the Romany Creams family

Bakers Cappuccino flavours launchedRomany Creams from Bakers sweet biscuits are now available in bigger-sized value-bags, as well as in a delicious and indulgent new variant – Cappuccino. Fans of Choc-kits won’t be disappointed either: this tasty treat is also now available in value-bags.

‘We wanted to tap into both purchasing and consumption needs for a variety of occasions, providing the right size of pack for the right treat time,’ explains brand manager Janine Ho-Lin of Bakers sweet biscuits. One kilogram and 500g bags on both the Romany Creams and Choc-kits brands are currently on-shelf and they’re incredibly user-friendly. ‘They come in a block bottom bag that stands upright,’ says Ho-Lin, and that means ‘packaging that’s easy to store in kitchen cupboards,’ she explains. The new Romany Creams and Choc-kits value-bags also boast a re-sealable sticker on every bag to lock in the biscuit freshness for longer.

Apart from larger sized packs, Romany Creams is adding a new member to their anytime-treat family. ‘The essence of Romany Creams is that it’s an indulgent treat,’ says Ho-Lin, explaining that market research highlighted a need for a Cappuccino flavoured biscuit. ‘Consumers love enjoying coffee in different treat forms – from a drink to a dessert – introducing Cappuccino in biscuit format made perfect sense,’ she says. ‘The heart of the brand is still the same coconut-based biscuit, but now it’s available in an indulgent Cappuccino flavour.’