Introducing Blue Ribbon Sandwich Squares

Blue-Ribbon-New-Product-CompetitionBlue Ribbon Sandwich Squares are designed to fit perfectly in lunchboxes and hold all your favourite fillings. They can be enjoyed topped, toasted or filled. Available in both white and brown, these better-for-you baked squares are convenient to use and are high in fibre. Each pack of Blue Ribbon Sandwich Squares contains six pre-sliced squares.

Blue Ribbon Brown Sandwich Squares are the perfect size and shape for holding fillings and fitting in lunchboxes – filled, toasted or topped. The product features only 94kcal in each soft Sandwich Square. Enjoy Blue Ribbon White Sandwich Squares toasted, topped or filled with your ingredients of choice. With only 95kcal per square, these soft, tasty and versatile Squares are perfect for lunchboxes.