Braai anywhere with the simple yet versatile Braai Cube

Braai-cubeOn 24 September, South African men, women and children will gather around fires to braai. National Braai Day is being widely promoted as a day dedicated to building a positive and united South Africa in getting involved in the country’s most favourite pastime. But a braai’s not going to fly without the extras, like herbs and spices and condiments, the August issue of SA Food Review looks beyond the wors and ribs to see what makes the perfect braai. And the latest, must-have product is the Braai Cube, a Proudly South African patented gadget that supports the braai grid and is lightweight, durable and easy to clean.

‘The inspiration behind it rose from years of troublesome braaing,’ comments Hennie Andrews. Thanks to its deceptively simple design, it is height-adjustable, allowing you to control the temperature according to the flames.

‘The braai’s temperature and height of the grill have always been hot topics with as many opinions as there are braais or gadgets to get the job done. Now, everyone can use the same gadget to gain the perfect combination of height and temperature control. No more plodding with stones, bricks or cans,’ explains Andrews.

Crafted from stainless steel, the Braai Cube is rustproof, quick-to-cool and easy to clean. Slim yet sturdy, it is compact, taking up minimal packing and fireplace space.

Even the packaging is designed to get you braaing, with a tear-out book of matches and perforated strips to conveniently start kindling a fire.