Bread and butter business at InterBake Africa

Thousands of years ago, the art of baking was born, after the First Age of agriculture began. Then 200 years ago, came the Second Age of tools and machines, followed by the current Third Age of information and knowledge. 

Scenario guru Clem Sunter.‘We’re now moving into the Age of Intelligence where the challenges we face are more complex,’ says global scenario planner Clem Sunter. ‘Competition for business is more intense; but companies that apply more intelligence to innovation – in creating new products, offering value for money and the best customer service – will continue to grow and flourish.’ 

Most opportunities in the bakery industry 

•	John Thomson, Managing Director of EMS. ‘Competition in the food business has never been tougher, especially for the baking, milling and confectionery sector,’ agrees John Thomson, organiser of Africa’s Big Seven (AB7) food and beverage trade exhibition. ‘But it’s important to remember that this sector also enjoys a substantial share of the everyday food market, from ‘daily bread’ to many fast food items and snack foods.’ 

The proof is in the pie 

If any business owners in the food industry need proof of this, they can find it at Africa’s Big Seven (AB7), the biggest food and beverage trade exhibition in Africa. The expo takes place from 15-17 July at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Gauteng. InterBake Africa is one of the seven component shows of AB7. 

‘With over 3 000 products in more than 400 categories on show, AB7 offers business people in the baking, milling and confectionery sector countless opportunities for business deals; it’s all about innovation and variety, from exhibitors locally and around the world,’ adds Thomson. 

  • Orion Corporation, which is Korea’s second-largest confectionery company, will be exhibiting at AB7 this year. Its product portfolio includes a large range of own-brand biscuits, pies, chocolates and snacks. The company is best known for its hallmark ‘Choco Pie’ biscuits.
  • Indonesian manufacturer Pondan Pangan Makmur produces ready-to-use premixes for cakes, cookies, ice creams, desserts, puddings, and seasonings. ‘Pondan is a long established business with a strong brand in its home territory,’ comments Thomson. ‘It’s offers top quality products at competitive prices.’
  • Non Dairy_Topping_Cream_No_1_2Vietnam-based Tan Nhat Huong will be at AB7 for the first time this year, exhibiting its innovative non-dairy topping cream for cakes and desserts, as well as a variety of premixes and some agricultural products. ‘We will be making some cakes using our non-dairy topping cream for visitors to taste,’ says Luu Lan Phuong, from the company’s Export Department. ‘We’ll also be doing demonstrations of birthday cake and wedding cake decorations during the show.’ Currently, the company exports to Dubai, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, and plans to expand its export market to include South Africa.
  • Making it ten years in a row as an exhibitor, Pakmaya will be at AB7 again this year. The company is one of the world’s major producers of baker’s yeast and bread improvers.
  • Back at AB7 for the second time, UCL has been manufacturing raw VHP sugar since 1966. It currently produces 90 000 tons of VHP sugar per year.

AB7 – the facts 

To learn more about AB7, view the 2011 expo video on YouTube – simply go to and in the top search window type ‘Africa’s Big Seven 2011’.

The show organisers offer a unique, easy-to-use, internet-based business matchmaking programme which enables exhibitors and visitors to pre-profile, pre-select and pre-schedule meetings for all three days of the shows. Visitors can also preview product profiles and pre-register at