Forty years of bag closing excellence

When Buckle Packaging started in 1979, it was with the aim of supplying the agricultural sector with quality end of line packaging machinery. As sole agents for Fischbein – Saxon from the USA and UK, this family run packaging company was able to supply a solution to the bag closing needs of the agricultural industry.

The Fischbein-stitcher
The Fischbein Auto Bag Stitcher

Fast forward to 2018, one year short of their 40-year anniversary, and Buckle Packaging can boast of being one of South Africa’s leading importers and distributors of packaging machinery. Still family run, they continue to follow their steadfast mission of supplying only the best quality machinery. Buckle Packaging has an untarnished reputation within all agricultural and industrial sectors of southern Africa.

Buckle Packaging offers bagging solutions across an array of different industries including grain, flour and sugar milling, animal feed and fertiliser to name a few, and is a leading supplier of packaging machines to the fruit and vegetable sector.

Within the potato farming fraternity, one of Buckle Packaging’s most sought after items is the Fischbein range of bag stitching machines. From portable hand held units for lower production runs, through to the heavy duty high speed in-line stitchers, this equipment is sturdy, durable and designed for working long hours.

The high speed stitcher is adaptable to all makes of carousel units, and uses a self-lubricating system which makes it reliable and sturdy for the tough job of packaging potatoes daily. The machine comes standard with a variable speed pulley, which allows for easy synchronisation to the speed of the conveyor or carousel. The stitch length is also adjustable depending on the specific bags being used.

This packaging system is designed to work at high speeds, making sure the volumes of potato pockets are closed securely and within the fastest time. The Fischbein stitcher is completely sealed in oil against dust and dirt allowing for smooth operation.

This system would be just as efficient for the bagging of other fruit and vegetables such as macadamias, maize, groundnuts, sorghum and popcorn to name a few. Stitching and heat sealing does away with wire ties and taping of bags which is labour intensive and not as secure. Stitching and sealing of bags has also proven to be tamper-proof, and product cannot be removed from the bag as easily.

If it’s nuts that you’re farming, Buckle Packaging can assist nut farmers and packers throughout the country with Fishbein-Saxon bag closing equipment. The larger 25kg and 50kg woven poly bags are sewn closed and in many cases bagged for export.

If nuts are being packaged in smaller stand up pouches, polyethylene or foil packets, Buckle Packaging recommends heat sealing these bags with the Saxon SH1000 continuous heat sealer for a neat closure.

Buckle Packaging’s services and expertise do not stop here. The company has years of experience in helping and advising you on the best system to solve your individual bagging problem. They have a large range of premium quality bag sewing thread. This ring spun polyester product is available in various cone sizes for portable bag stitching machines, as well as industrial sewing systems with cones up to 10kg.The standard colour range is white with an option of six other colours. Any potato farmer will know the importance of using premium quality thread to ensure trouble free bag closing. Inferior quality thread with knots and flaws leads to machine downtime and low productivity. This also poses the danger of product loss during transportation and handling.

Buckle Packaging offers installation of their systems, machine servicing and repairs, and provides spare parts needed to maintain these important machines.

Buckle Packaging’s range of machinery spans from machines to close bags for nuts, spices, sugar, and fertilizer; basically any product that needs to be sealed or sewn into an open mouth bag.

‘As a pack house manager for a large potato farming organisation I have been privileged to work with the Buckle Packaging team for the past eight years,’ says Theuns van der Merwe. ‘As far as service delivery is concerned I have had only the best, and they continue to go the extra mile to make sure their clients are well serviced. Fischbein is a quality stitcher and we have improved on our production since installing these units on all our lines. I will gladly recommend them to any new potential client.’