Caffe Luxe Coffee Capsules

Caffe Luxe coffee capsulesCaffe Luxe loves coffee and especially a perfect espresso. Caffe Luxe sources the finest coffee from around the world and delivers it with maximum freshness and convenience to customers worldwide. With a global coffee renaissance that says no to ordinary coffee, their espressos entice the senses by encapsulating the freshness and aroma of the finest beans into Nespresso™ compatible coffee capsules.

The team at Caffe Luxe relishes the task of sourcing the highest grades of coffee from around the globe, roasting and blending for the sophisticated pallet then grinding and immediately sealing into capsules that fit your Nespresso™ machine.

They manufacture their capsules in Cape Town, South Africa – a great coffee-culture city. The factory has been purpose-built to be food safe compliant to the highest standards.

Caffe Luxe is continually working on new ideas to innovate beyond the norm.

Keep checking their accessories page for great new products and make sure to taste their delicious milk and chocolate capsules.

Caffe Luxe also provides high quality Espresso Coffee Machines for your home, office or business, backed up by a 48-hour replacement 1-year warranty.

For enquiries please email: or call +27 21 460 0428

CaffeLuxe Collection Box

The ‘Collection’ consists of two capsules of each flavor in the signature range: Espresso Dark Roast, Espresso Medium Roast, Espresso Mild Roast, Lungo Dark Roast and Decaffeinated Caffé Luxe Coffee Coffee Capsules

CaffeLuxe Espresso 1: Dark Roast
dark  Caffe Luxe


This darkly roasted blend of premium Arabica beans from South America and Africa delivers a full-bodied, well-rounded bold taste.

CaffeLuxe Espresso 2: Medium Roast
medium  Caffe Luxe


A private blend of premium Arabica beans from South America, delicately blended with a touch of Indian Robusta to create a slightly sweet, medium bodied espresso with a velvety smooth finish.



CaffeLuxe Espresso 3: Mild Roast
mild  Caffe Luxe


A mild, easy drinking espresso consisting of the finest beans from Colombia, Costa Rica and India, this blend has a fruity flavor with a softly rounded character.


CaffeLuxe Lungo: Dark Roast
lungo  Caffe Luxe


The Lungo is best enjoyed as a double espresso shot. Hand selected Arabica beans from South America and Africa, combined with choice quality Indian Robusta beans result in full-bodied intensity and a lasting rich flavour.


CaffeLuxe Decaffe

decafe  Caffe Luxe



This delicate roast preserves the full-body of these premium decaffeinated Colombian Arabica beans, bringing out a subtle charred flavour with a hint of wine.


Cafe Caps Privato Originale

This signature private blend of 100% premium Arabica beans resulting in a deep, rich and satiny smooth coffee with a bold taste and just a hint of sweetness.

Cafe Caps Privato Intenso

A signature private blend of five premium Arabica beans, producing a balanced, strong and bold espresso with no bitter after taste.

Cafe Caps Privato Toscano

Their signature blend of 100% premium Arabica beans, producing a mild, yet bold, easy drinking anytime espresso.

Cafe Caps Privato Decaffiniato

The Caffe Luxe special decaffe espresso blend, made with 100% premium Columbian Arabica beans, resulting in a delicious, smooth and easy drinking espresso.