Calamari Salad submitted by Mediterranean Delicacies

Calamari Salad by Mediterranean DelicaciesThis product forms part of the unique and visually very appealing range of meze products produced by Medi Deli. The attractive sleeve allows consumers to see what they are buying, and allows the Calamari Salad range to be merchandised upright in an attractive, branded carton. The innovative packaging gives the retailer shelf life of more than sixty days. Consumer reaction to the product has been numerous complimentary emails and phone calls.

About Mediterranean Delicacies

Mediterranean Delicacies is a family business established in 1988 by Anthony Nichas and John Lourandos, to supply the catering trade with exclusive Mediterranean products. The home industry soon began to develop into an interesting business with customers looking for a greater variety of Mediterranean style products – and so began a process that has resulted in the unique and extensive range of products available today.

In 1991, Costas Vayanos joined the business in an administrative and marketing capacity, and soon thereafter the business entered the retail market. Ali Buhler joined the team in 1998. Ali is a Swiss qualified chef, and added a new dimension to the business.

In 2000 Mediterranean Delicacies formed a joint venture with Bettafresh Prepared Foods. Mediterranean Delicacies North was formed in order to manufacture and distribute the Mediterranean range of products to customers in the northern part of South Africa.

Over the past 15 years the Mediterranean team have grown their business with true passion, creating a range of products that remains popular and unique in South Africa.

Mediterranean Delicacies operates throughout South Africa and is able to offer exciting food solutions to customers in the Retail, food services, hospitality and manufacturing sectors. Click here for the Med-Deli contact details.