An introduction to packaging produced from tomato plant fibres

Tomato package contains tomato plant fibresPure Hothouse Foods Inc, a Canadian grower, shipper and marketer of greenhouse grown vegetables recently introduced its new Cloud 9 snacking tomato brand, which the company says contains high-flavour tomato. To pack this new tomato brand, Pure Hothouse Foods used solid board enriched with tomato plant fibres, produced by SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS, a manufacturer of solid board and solid board packaging.

Pure Hothouse Foods is the first Canadian company to pack tomatoes in their own plant fibres, thereby contributing to a circular economy.  In addition, the solid board enriched with tomato plant fibres was announced a winner of the Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards 2016.

Idyl, a company based in the south of France grows tomatoes, melons, Mediterranean fruit, vegetables and fresh cut herbs. It markets its own production. It also markets a range of organic fruit and vegetables under the ‘Tribu Ecolo’ (“Ecological Tribe”) brand.

The company developed a department that specialises in the marketing of organic fruit and vegetables, as the company is aware of the importance of its role in sustainable development.

It expressed interest when it learned that SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS had developed a process to manufacture solid board, which includes tomato plants fibres. Idyl now packs its organic tomatoes in SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS’ trays, which are all enriched with tomato plants fibres.

This demonstrates the possibility of producing, packing and consuming while limiting the waste of natural resources.