keyboard_arrow_upOver 90 per cent of South Africans pledge to take better care of their hearts
keyboard_arrow_downOver 90 per cent of South Africans pledge to take better care of their hearts

A resounding 98 per cent of the 1 500 South Africans polled at the start of the new year have pledged to take drastic steps in order to give heart disease the boot starting this Valentine’s month. The public poll forms part of Pharma Dynamics’ national Hug your Heart campaign, launched in partnership with the […]

keyboard_arrow_upA fresh focus on food
keyboard_arrow_downA fresh focus on food

Global demand for fresh food increased by nearly three per cent in volume terms in 2016. This is in line with average growth achieved over the last five years. The Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific were the most dynamic regions displaying growth above the global average. Growing populations and improving disposable budgets are behind the strong performance.

keyboard_arrow_upThe next big growth opportunity in the healthier food and beverage industry
keyboard_arrow_downThe next big growth opportunity in the healthier food and beverage industry

Personalisation reaches its tipping point when a food company like Campbell’s Soup invests $32 million in a start-up firm focusing on personalised nutrition. Personalised nutrition is a key growth opportunity for food and beverage companies as consumers increasingly turn to individually tailored diets.

keyboard_arrow_upWhat makes consumers tick in 2016?
keyboard_arrow_downWhat makes consumers tick in 2016?

Consumption in 2016 is an interesting blend of established and new trends with countertrends, which are challenging ways of living and buying. Global instability, “greenwashing”—insincere brand displays of concern for the environment— and financial hardship have more people becoming change makers in an effort to create a better world. Daphne Kasriel-Alexander looks at the biggest 10 consumer trends for 2016 in this white paper from Euromonitor.

keyboard_arrow_upPropak Africa positioned as essential industry trade forum
keyboard_arrow_downPropak Africa positioned as essential industry trade forum

The South African and African packaging industries will take centre stage at Propak Africa 2016 at the Expo Centre in Nasrec, Johannesburg. To be held from 15 to 18 March, the trade show will be co-located with Pro-Plas Africa, FoodPro, Pro-Label Africa and The Gapp Print Expo.

keyboard_arrow_upThe natural trend is growing
keyboard_arrow_downThe natural trend is growing

Anuga Drinks, hosted during Anuga, will host a diverse spectrum of products with fruit juice, water and soft drinks headlining the category. The event is set to run from 10 to 14 October in Cologne, Germany.

keyboard_arrow_upWellness is a growing priority for companies
keyboard_arrow_downWellness is a growing priority for companies

One of the biggest challenges for organisations of all sizes is to attract and retain talented employees. Traditionally, recruitment strategies have focused primarily on creating competitive compensation packages and offering candidates clear opportunities for career advancement. Today, a new criterion has joined the list of must-haves for potential employees: Workplace wellness.

keyboard_arrow_upDo ‘natural’ claims cut the mustard?
keyboard_arrow_downDo ‘natural’ claims cut the mustard?

For an ubiquitous word, “natural” has gained an enormous amount of traction in the food industry. Marketers certainly love the term, in part because it promises a lot, without clearly saying what the product is actually delivering to the consumer. In this White Paper, Emma Gubisch, strategic insight manager at Leatherhead Food Research, explores what the term actually means to consumers and how willing they are to pay for these product claims. It also provides global market data on products launched with “all natural” claims.

keyboard_arrow_upIce-cold innovations
keyboard_arrow_downIce-cold innovations

WILD is using creative ideas to breathe new life into the ice cream segment. The ingredient expert is also implementing new concepts based on the current trend towards “lemonade on a stick.” All of the options are based exclusively on natural ingredients, satisfying the high consumer demand for natural products.

keyboard_arrow_upSIAL 2014 – the world of the food trade
keyboard_arrow_downSIAL 2014 – the world of the food trade

The World Tour by SIAL is the new must-see event taking place from 19 to 23 October in Paris-Nord Villepinte. In partnership with 28 professional magazines* from around the world, World Tour takes a look at what is happening in the food trade in 28 countries. Their aim was to reveal and explain the major retail and consumption trends which are shaping the different world markets and provide a window to the world of retail and consumption trends on a global level.

keyboard_arrow_upHot Stuff
keyboard_arrow_downHot Stuff

Chilli is 2014’s hottest flavour and receives a red-hot endorsement from the world’s flavour leaders.

keyboard_arrow_upEat around the clock
keyboard_arrow_downEat around the clock

According to research by Mintel, bread consumption in France has dropped by 10 per cent over the past decade, while Italy has seen a decrease from 200g to 80g per capita over the same time period. The UK has also seen a decline of two per cent year-on-year. According to Judy Laidlaw, marketing manager for Bakery and Grains at Supreme and Foodcorp Milling, there are numerous reasons for this drop. ‘Consumers’ fast-paced lifestyles leave them little time to shop; they have less income due to the effects of the global recession; many are on bread-free diets; there’s a decline in breakfast eating; and smaller households that don’t need such large quantities of bread are becoming the norm,’ she comments. The end result is that bakeries need to adapt to market conditions and adjust their offerings, or they’ll suffer – and perhaps even close – as a result.

keyboard_arrow_upExhibitors to cash in on food export trend at Food Hospitality World
keyboard_arrow_downExhibitors to cash in on food export trend at Food Hospitality World

  The South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has confirmed that it will be bringing a contigent of international buyers, mostly from Africa, to the 2014 Food Hospitality World Africa exhibition, to be held from the 26th to 28th May 2014 at the CTICC.

keyboard_arrow_upNew food trends heating up 2014
keyboard_arrow_downNew food trends heating up 2014

At this year’s South African Association of the Flavour and Fragrance Industry (SAAFFI) annual seminar, the industry’s ability to keep up with global trends and embrace young local talent was the main focus.

keyboard_arrow_upPropak 2014 Preview: Consumer trends driving packaging innovation
keyboard_arrow_downPropak 2014 Preview: Consumer trends driving packaging innovation

Genuine innovation will be the main topic of discussion at the new Propak Packaging Innovations Conference, held at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg from 18 to 19 February 2014.

keyboard_arrow_upFood safety and the trend towards certification
keyboard_arrow_downFood safety and the trend towards certification

Consumers, retailers and food manufacturers today are increasingly focused on food safety and quality. Food safety issues are distributed widely via electronic media which can lead to brand damage and reduced income for involved suppliers or even the entire industry segment. Addressing food safety basics via certification is one way manufacturers have begun to carve out niches for themselves in this competitive global climate.

keyboard_arrow_upConsumers shop to save
keyboard_arrow_downConsumers shop to save

According to Gareth Pearson, CEO of BMi Research, a new breed of consumer is challenging the way that retailers package, price and distribute their products. ‘Professional shoppers unashamedly use all the resources at their fingertips - such as smartphone apps, website, cut-out coupons, QR codes, broad sheets and loyalty cards - to find the best value deals and in doing so, they’re asking questions of the retailers,’ he states. ‘Protracted economic pressure and technological advances have been the key drivers behind the rise of this ‘omnichannel’ consumer. It’s also become much easier for shoppers to access the myriad money-saving options on offer because they’ve become so much more informed and tech-savvy.

keyboard_arrow_upMcCain focuses on consumer demand for sustainability
keyboard_arrow_downMcCain focuses on consumer demand for sustainability

Core to food company McCain’s strategic approach is commitment to products that are sustainable, which is not only good for the environment, but also what consumers expect and desire from a product.

keyboard_arrow_upVeggies at the top of food trends chain
keyboard_arrow_downVeggies at the top of food trends chain

Leading foodservice research and consulting firm Technomica says vegetables are at the top of 2013 foodservice trends in the USA – and according to McCain Foods South Africa, this applies to South Africa too.

keyboard_arrow_upNaturality will remain dominant in 2013
keyboard_arrow_downNaturality will remain dominant in 2013

The influence of naturality in food and beverage product development will continue to grow in the coming year, according to the latest edition of New Nutrition Business’s trend-spotting report. The 10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2013 report confirms that naturality has become the direction people want to go in and will shape and drive the market in the coming year as companies across all categories seek to ride the naturality wave.

keyboard_arrow_upNaturalness is a key consideration for industry
keyboard_arrow_downNaturalness is a key consideration for industry

Consumer demand for ‘more natural’ foods and beverages continues to grow – and food manufacturers are responding by highlighting naturally derived ingredients and the natural credentials of new products, according to market researchers at RTS (Research to Solutions).