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Almost two thirds of nutrition companies are implementing new forms of technology, with around half increasing their research and development spend this year, research has shown. Vitafoods Europe exhibitors and visitors were asked about six new forms of technology. Around third of the 192 respondents said their companies have implemented, or are planning to implement, […]

keyboard_arrow_upInnovations in heart health and Vitamin C take centre stage
keyboard_arrow_downInnovations in heart health and Vitamin C take centre stage

Natural ingredients with proven benefits for cardiovascular wellbeing is a major focus for Naturex at Vitafoods Europe 2018. The company highlighted Sweoat™ Brans, a new oat beta glucan-based solution that delivers a range of EFSA-approved heart health benefits. The company also showcased Naturex’s Aronox® aronia berry extract, shown to improve several biomarkers for cardiovascular health […]

keyboard_arrow_upLycored to bring benefits of lycopene to Vitafoods Europe
keyboard_arrow_downLycored to bring benefits of lycopene to Vitafoods Europe

An interactive installation at Vitafoods Europe will help Lycored bring the health benefits of lycopene to life.

keyboard_arrow_upNew research reveals role of tomato and rosemary for eye health
keyboard_arrow_downNew research reveals role of tomato and rosemary for eye health

Lycored, an international wellness company at the forefront of ingredient and nutrition supplements, announced the publication of its pre-clinical results in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, Molecular Vision. Within the paper, scientists unearth the powerful biological synergy that exists between the ingredients found in LycoInvision, Lycored’s Nutrient Complex for Vision Health.

keyboard_arrow_upPrinciples before profit drives vegetarian meat alternatives brand
keyboard_arrow_downPrinciples before profit drives vegetarian meat alternatives brand

From humble beginnings, making vegetarian sausages and burger patties in their family kitchen, The Fry Family Food Co.’s range of vegetarian meat alternatives has garnered international success whilst sticking to the values on which it was established 26 years ago.

keyboard_arrow_upHealth properties of pea protein
keyboard_arrow_downHealth properties of pea protein

Pea protein has no effect on oestrogen. It doesn’t contain phytoestrogens, which can increase or decrease hormone oestrogen in humans.

keyboard_arrow_upLandmark study suggests cranberries can decrease use of antibiotics
keyboard_arrow_downLandmark study suggests cranberries can decrease use of antibiotics

Leading experts on infectious disease and urinary tract infections (UTIs) will gather in London to discuss the alarming state of antibiotic resistance, and to present findings from a landmark study that conclusively shows that cranberries can be a nutritional approach to reducing symptomatic UTIs.

keyboard_arrow_upVitafoods Europe breaks visitor records
keyboard_arrow_downVitafoods Europe breaks visitor records

Vitafoods Europe 2016 welcomed a total of 17 666 visitors through its doors – an increase of 13 per cent over last year.

keyboard_arrow_upHealthy ageing solutions
keyboard_arrow_downHealthy ageing solutions

With populations ageing in virtually every nation across the globe, consumer demand for solutions that can tackle age-related conditions such as sarcopenia (muscle loss) is growing at an impressive rate. Globally, the number of people aged 60 and older is growing faster than any other age group. It is estimated that by 2050, more than one in five people will be at least 60 years old.

keyboard_arrow_upTapping into sports and fitness nutrition
keyboard_arrow_downTapping into sports and fitness nutrition

The sports & fitness nutrition market is expected to reach US 67 billion by 2017. In this White Paper, Ganeden unpacks research which demonstrates its GanedenBC30 probiotic (Bacillus coagulants GBI-30, 6086) supports protein absorption.

keyboard_arrow_upHealth under the spotlight at Vitafoods Europe
keyboard_arrow_downHealth under the spotlight at Vitafoods Europe

Results from four major EU-funded nutrition projects exploring weight management, heart disease and healthy ageing are to be revealed at this year’s Vitafoods Europe Conference.

keyboard_arrow_upMondeléz encourages mindful snacking
keyboard_arrow_downMondeléz encourages mindful snacking

How and what people choose to eat is influenced by trends happening all over the world today: a growing awareness of well-being, changing family structures, and the scarcity of time.  As people’s lives become increasingly busier, they have limited time to prepare regularly scheduled meals.  This shift has led to eating habits evolving, with snacking becoming a way to eat for many – be it for fuel, a nutritional boost, and midday hunger relief or simply for a sweet treat to enjoy. 

keyboard_arrow_upReal Foods acquire Kauai
keyboard_arrow_downReal Foods acquire Kauai

In its determination to inspire a ‘real food’ revolution in South Africa, Real Foods, a multi-brand food group with unmatched dedication to healthy and natural food, innovation, social responsibility and integrity, announced the acquisition of South Africa’s number one healthy quick service restaurant group, Kauai, on 5 May 2015.

keyboard_arrow_upAllergen-free products launched
keyboard_arrow_downAllergen-free products launched

Life Bake is a proudly South African company specialising in grain-free baked goods, offering a choice of wholesome, healthy foods created to cater for those consumers suffering from food allergies.

keyboard_arrow_upMayonnaise gets a healthy make-over
keyboard_arrow_downMayonnaise gets a healthy make-over

With the new B-well Creamy Gourmet and B-well Original Tangy mayonnaises, B-well now offers increasingly busy consumers canola mayonnaises that not only taste great, but also deliver on health.

keyboard_arrow_upA world first for healthy comfort food
keyboard_arrow_downA world first for healthy comfort food

A team of food developers and branding experts have created a healthy alternative for one of the world’s most loved meals – pizza. It will be competing with other food and beverage products in the Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition.

keyboard_arrow_upReduction in industry’s salt use could save South African lives
keyboard_arrow_downReduction in industry’s salt use could save South African lives

The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa hosted a Salt Summit in partnership with Unilever on 13 March at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg with the aim of starting a dialogue to educate consumers on the dangers of salt.

keyboard_arrow_upClick on health
keyboard_arrow_downClick on health

Clicks have made it easier to have a beach body with its new healthy snacking range. Smartbites are handy portion-controlled packages, containing less than 400kj per portion.

keyboard_arrow_upDrink to your health
keyboard_arrow_downDrink to your health

Ingredients supplier Naturex has developed a range of drinkable dietary supplement concepts that offer great taste, naturalness and efficacy, as well as the potential for strong branding and communication.

keyboard_arrow_upRed meat’s message benefits industry
keyboard_arrow_downRed meat’s message benefits industry

It’s time to halt the widely held mistaken belief that red meat is dangerous. The recently published Red Meat in Nutrition and Health could generate some life-saving marketing messages for the local red meat industry.

keyboard_arrow_upTraditional and modern uses of Mangosteen
keyboard_arrow_downTraditional and modern uses of Mangosteen

Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is a tropical fruit that has been traditionally used as an indigenous medicine across Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka) for treatment of a wide range of ailments including fighting infections, healing wounds and treating diarrhoea and related gastrointestinal complaints. Mangosteen is known to contain a wide range of naturally occurring polysaccharide and xanthone compounds within the fruit, leaves, heartwood, and especially the pericarp (rind/peel/hull) with widespread biological activities, including anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial/antiviral effects in a number of experiments.

keyboard_arrow_upThe future of the global sports nutrition market
keyboard_arrow_downThe future of the global sports nutrition market

A report by Global Industry Analysts (GIA) projects that the global market for sports and fitness nutrition supplements will reach $6.17 billion by 2018. It lists as a key driver something that has been noted in recent product launches, namely the ramification of the market in terms of product offerings, target consumers and sales outlets.

keyboard_arrow_upWild vegeceuticals raise the bar
keyboard_arrow_downWild vegeceuticals raise the bar

Vegeceuticals – nutraceuticals from vegetables – are part of Wild’s Health Ingredient Technology Solutions (HITS) line of functional ingredients. Through proprietary extraction technology, the company offers this line of nutraceuticals from vegetable extract blends that impart no taste, without any bitterness, and are completely soluble in a variety of product formulations.

keyboard_arrow_upTweak your diet to improve your health
keyboard_arrow_downTweak your diet to improve your health

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or have a family history of the condition, you may be dreading the dietary changes that are imminent. The good news is that you don’t need to overhaul the way you eat. But, there are some minor tweaks you need to make to enhance your diet.

keyboard_arrow_upFunctional food for body fragrance
keyboard_arrow_downFunctional food for body fragrance

We’re used to functional foods that add to the nutritional and health requirements of individuals, but here is something different - a functional food that improves the way you smell!

keyboard_arrow_upStrategic nutrition for diabetes
keyboard_arrow_downStrategic nutrition for diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a common disease that, according to the World Health Organisation, in 2010, affected 366 million people around the world. Overall, global spending on patient care for diabetes is $465 billion. It makes sense that then manufacturers are looking for help to meet the demands of consumers with diabetes and related health conditions. Fortitech has developed innovative new products targeting this health condition with custom nutrient premixes: with any nutrient; for any application; and for customers anywhere in the world.

keyboard_arrow_upBarley beta-glucans and functional foods
keyboard_arrow_downBarley beta-glucans and functional foods

Barley beta-glucans are dietary fibre with ability to form viscous water solutions. Modern technology enables preparation of concentrated sources of barley beta-glucan to improve human nutrition and deliver numerous health benefits. Superior biological activity can be achieved by state-of-the art production procedures that do not involve the use of chemicals or enzymes. Employment of such ingredient enables production of functional foods with scientifically proven beneficial effects on human health – besides effects in cholesterol management and contribution to lowering the glycaemic response – beta-glucans are also known for improving gut health.

keyboard_arrow_upFunctionality in beverages is meeting consumer demands
keyboard_arrow_downFunctionality in beverages is meeting consumer demands

The growth in global demand for functional beverages is fuelled by several consumer trends that have been identified by IFT’s Food Technology magazine, starting with the number one trend labelled ‘real food nutrition’, which is seeing consumers choosing to get more of their nutrients from the food and beverages they consume, rather than from supplements.

keyboard_arrow_upHäns Kissle wins food quality award
keyboard_arrow_downHäns Kissle wins food quality award

  Häns Kissle Company was recently honoured as winner of the 11th annual Food Quality Award at a reception attended by almost 300 food industry professionals during the Food Safety & Security Summit in Washington, DC sponsored by DuPont Nutrition & Health. Häns Kissle is an independently owned upscale food manufacturing company that supplies salads and related products to retail and food service establishments throughout the US.