A new voice in cereal bars

Cereal processing machines from MiAMiA Food Tech (MiA) designs and builds standalone machines and automatic lines for the food processing industry. The company is represented locally through 4manufacturing.com.

Founded over 20 years ago in Italy, the equipment manufacturer specialises in the development of confectionery manufacturing equipment. It supplies a wide range of standard off-the-shelf machines with varying processing capacities. Should a customer require it, MiA can also design and manufacture customised equipment for all types of confectionery processing, including cereal-based snacks.

‘MiA offers an extensive range of manual, semi-automatic and automatic cereal bars (with animal fats or fibre) manufacturing equipment,’ explains Clive Sandwick, director of 4manufacturing.com. ‘These include manual and semi-automatic cookers, tables and cutters with production of around 1 000 bars per hour. We can also supply customised automatic lines with production of five to six thousand bars per hour (depending on the dimensions and mass of the bars).

‘Included in the spectrum of products are manual and semi-automatic machinery to roll or press cereal products evenly in moulds or on tables. MiA also produces a range of roasters with capacities of between 50 to 250kg of nuts. The unit can process shelled nuts directly for sale, or for use in ancillary products such as cereal bars,’ he adds.

Features and benefits:

  • Cookers have a double jacket tank with oil. This helps to maintain the same temperature on all surfaces, preventing burning of the sugar in the recipe

  • Equipment operates at a temperature range of between 20° and 250°C. This enables the sufficient cooking of all ingredients. If just one ingredient isn’t properly cooked, the whole recipe can be ruined

  • Equipment is easy to clean

  • The rotation speed of the mixer can be adjusted to gently mix the ingredients without breaking them

  • The planetary arm moves in such a way that syrups and sugars don’t stick to the vessel. This results in a consistent temperature in the dough.

Stainless steel tables use regulators to adjust the surface temperature to produce all kinds of recipes – from five to 70°C. Cookers feature four lateral guides, making it easy to change the bars.

The automatic line features belts which are temperature-controlled; ultrasonic cutters to cut all finished products (including sticky items), and a cooling and warming tunnel to maintain the correct temperature for the cutting station.

The cereal bar industry is growing in line with consumer demand for on-the-run snacks and meal replacements. ‘Growth will come with ingredient changes and additions. Manufacturers and consumers are not scared to experiment with different tastes and flavours. Coupled to more traditional cereals, nuts, fruit and sugar, manufacturers will strive to cater to more health-conscious consumers.

‘This could mean changing recipes to include ingredients such as seeds, pea and rice protein, brown rice, cacao nibs and cocoa powder, quinoa and spices amongst others,’ Sandwick enthuses. ‘MiA’s equipment is positioned to remain at the forefront of what is required to produce these bars, as consumer demand changes over time.’