Beyers Chocolatier’s Collection breaks the price mould

Beyers-Chocolates-enters new product competitionYou would expect amaster chocolatier’s box of favourite chocolates to come with a significant price tag, but Beyers Chocolates has introduced a premium range to the market, which is as delicious as it is affordable. This is the latest entry in the Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition from the chocolatier.

‘Our Chocolatier’s Collection has always been a best-seller for us in the gifting category,’ says Kees Beyers, founder and CEO of Beyers Chocolates. ‘However, we felt that the time was right to modernise the design, and create something beautiful that you would love to give or receive as a gift.’

The collection consists of four boxes:

  • Classic
  • Truffle
  • Cherry
  • Turkish Delight

Each box has been given a bright and distinct signature colour to mirror the hero ingredient, while also making it stand out from its competitors.

‘I grew up in Belgium, which is famous for its exceptional chocolate,’ says Beyers. ‘When I moved to South Africa it was my dream to make high quality confectionery that would compare to luxury European products, but would be affordable enough to eat every day.’

The Chocolatier’s Collection has an upmarket, more luxurious look, and with premium chocolates inside, you get huge value for your money. Signed and sealed by Kees Beyers himself, the Chocolatier’s Collection is the heart of Beyers that South Africans can enjoy every day.