World-renowned coffee training programme launched nationally

The Ciro Coffee Academy’s (CCA) announcement of their newly-launched Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) training modules, will lead to world-class excellence in the local coffee industry and provide a much-needed boost to South Africa’s skills development.

The CCA is the first national coffee training academy to offer the prestigious SCAE Coffee Diploma System modules. Recognised as the most advanced and respected coffee training in the world, the SCAE modules set the industry benchmark for education in the coffee industry. With its focus on coffee excellence, the SCAE is at the forefront of innovation, education, research and communication; its material having been developed over years of scientific research.

The CCA has been raising the standard of coffee training and support in SA since its inception in 2010. Their introduction of the SCAE training scheme will further enrich South Africa’s coffee culture as well as its training and expertise. Ciro’s values of service, integrity, honesty and excellence will simultaneously be entrenched. Lani Snyman, customer services executive at Ciro, believes this first-class, global qualification will allow South African trained baristas to compete with the best in the world, firmly placing them on the global coffee stage.

The SCAE system is specifically designed to allow people to choose their own education paths to best suit their individual needs and levels of experience. The Coffee Diploma System allows for various levels of training, from foundation to professional, within four different modules. The modules include Introduction to Coffee; Barista Skills; Brewing and Roasting.

The CCA Authorised SCAE Trainers (ASTs) are currently conducting SCAE training at nine CCA training centres in key regions nationwide, providing current and future baristas the opportunity to participate in a world-class, professional training programme.

Ciro’s ongoing commitment to skills upliftment has already seen over 6 000 baristas trained to the World Barista Championship standard through the CCA.