Complete the labelling survey and stand a chance to win a Thirst Aid Kit

NSI-4-Africa Digital Label Production Systems wants to better gauge pivotal requirements in the labelling market. The company compiled a survey, which will take no more than four minutes of your day. Complete this important survey and stand a chance to win a smart water purification device. The information will help the industry and reveal interesting information.

Industry information in South Africa regarding label production systems is scant. Studies are still to be done regarding how manufacturers are labelling their products.  There is little information available regarding how many are producing labels in-house vs how many are outsourcing.  What elements are important to manufacturers and whether manufacturers are aware of label production options available to them. Do they outsource label production simply because they’re unaware of other options, for example?

Complete the survey and stand a chance to win a Thirst Aid Kit
A smart water purification system is up for grabs when you complete the labelling survey

This is important information to both suppliers and manufacturers because it allows us to benchmark our market against international markets and enables suppliers to address the true market concerns more effectively.  This valuable information can reveal for example whether knowledge and understanding locally regarding label production is on par with international brands.

The current information from abroad indicates that pack and product personalisation is increasingly driving the international market toward digital label production. Brand managers have indicated that not only will they continue to demand higher quality labels at lower prices, but also that they will not move from self-adhesive labels to other formats in the foreseeable future – increasingly to move digital label production facilities in-house.  The global labelling industry is not standing still, on the contrary, the pace of change is accelerating and opportunities for industry growth are significant.

Intuition would suggest that brand owners in sub-Saharan Africa are less informed about label production options than their European counterparts. The hope is that research project like this will allow us to support or deny this position.

This research is being undertaken by NSI-4-Africa Digital Label Production Systems in association with Write Impact Digital Marketing Services – A vote of thanks has been extended to O3 Smart Water Purification Systems for supplying prizes.