Countdown to drinktec 2013

drinktec 2013Innovations and ideas for the beverage and liquid food industry will be showcased at one of the world’s leading trade fairs.

drinktec 2013, organised by Messe München, takes place in Munich, Germany, from 16-20 September. Around 1 500 exhibitors from 70 countries will showcase products and solutions across the entire spectrum of beverage and liquid food technology, including packaging and marketing ideas. It’s expected to attract around 60 000 trade visitors from all over the globe.

Processing + Filling + Packaging + Marketing – the new subtitle for drinktec – says it all. ‘It’s more than just a technology showcase. This event covers everything of importance to the beverage and liquid food sector worldwide,’ comments exhibition group director, Petra Westphal. ‘It’s as much about raw materials as it’s about filling processes, for example, and packaging and marketing also play an important part.’

On show on 132 000 m² of space located over 12 exhibition halls are systems, plant, equipment and products for manufacturing, filling, packaging and marketing – raw materials and logistics included. The show’s main themes will feature:

  • Sustainability: As in all other sectors of industry, sustainability is a mega theme in the beverages world, too. Innovative process technology aims at reducing consumption of energy and water, and thereby at increasing overall cost-efficiency. In packaging, too, the emphasis is on competent use of resources, specifically in terms of reducing material thicknesses. Further overarching themes at drinktec 2013 are the flexibility of plant and equipment, hygienic design and quality control.
  • Soft drinks: Few segments in the beverages sector have expanded so dynamically as soft drinks. Each year, there are a vast number of innovations and product introductions and this means that technology has to be able to adapt quickly to the changing requirements. In packaging, in particular, flexibility is very much in demand. Around two-thirds of the exhibitors lining up for September 2013 will be showcasing specific technologies for the manufacture, filling and packaging of water, juices and soft drinks.
  • New concepts: The new Special Area for New Beverage Concepts will present new sweetening, colouring and flavouring strategies.
  • How does the future look, not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of marketing?: This question will be answered during a series of lectures on audio branding. And in the InnovationFlowLounge, technology will meet marketing for the first time. Each day, there’s a different theme, covered in short presentations and talk sessions. But, it’s also a place to relax away from the stress of the show and try out new and innovative drinks at the bar.
  • Beer: With or without alcohol, beer or soft drinks – the divisions are becoming less distinct – beverage mixtures are very popular around the world, and often manufacturers of soft drinks are also engaged in beer production and vice versa. In addition, beer consumption is expanding fast in the booming markets such as Asia and Africa; while specialty breweries are attracting much attention. A substantial number of exhibitors are showcasing solutions for breweries of all sizes, across the entire repertoire of cross-segment process technology for beer and malt.
  • Liquid food: Technologies for liquid food, in particular for milk and milk-based products, have grown in significance over recent years at drinktec. More beverages are being produced that are a mix of milk and fruit juices or alcohol and vice versa. Compared to the last fair, this section has expanded by around 10 per cent.
  • Technology meets marketing: A factor that plays an important role in the success of a product is clever sales ideas and the right marketing. Brand managers are increasingly important as decision makers. Taste, colour, packaging, labelling and promotion materials – everything that’s needed to turn a product into a brand – come together to exchange ideas.

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