DCM ATN’s machines for paper applications

FRV-PRV-Feature-Feb-PUMAATN is a printing and converting machine-manufacturing company based in France. The company recently introduced its latest version of Puma surface slitter-rewinder. The machine can be used for paper, Kraft paper, light-and core board, laminates and specific substrates or paper applications. ‘More than 360 units have been installed,’ enthuses DCM ATN’s area sales manager for the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, Laurent Vizzavona. He indicates that Puma equipment has been used for decades by well-known paper converted brands in Europe and France.

Machine specifications

Models range from 800mm up to 2 000mm width with an accurate slitting on different board thicknesses rising 600 GSM. The 600 meters per minute speed capacity machine, helps the operator with tasks, and allows different options to be installed. Vizzavona also highlights the Léopard LMA machine, which is an automatic slitter-rewinder. It is known for its high productivity owing to its standard installed turret rewinder. The system width is 800mm to 1 600mm. Production speed is the same than the Puma and consists of a razor and rotary cutter cutting station. ‘The downtime between two runs is less than 30 seconds. It has a large capacity for unwinding and rewinding diameters and provides high-quality slitting,’ Vizzavona concludes.