An effective solution for sorghum brewery

Equipment arrival on site at Fairbridge BreweryDelta Beverages’ Fairbridge Brewery (Delta) in Bulawayo has undergone an extensive upgrade to turn it into a modern facility. The site now offers state of the art brewing and packaging technologies.

The brewery wanted to offer customers the new and improved type of sorghum or Chibuku Beer called Chibuku Super. The brewery utilises new technologies that dramatically extend the product shelf life from a few days to a couple of weeks.

The technology required a chiller plant to cool the secondary refrigerant, and glycol, which cools product coming into the bottle filling machines. The chiller also assists in cooling the chilled water circulated in the cooling jackets of the fermenting vessels.

Rigging of the GEA chillersGEA sales engineer Mike Maccallum offered two GEA Grasso Duo chiller packages, model FX GC VP SA1050. The units were fitted with GEA Grasso V600 compressors, and condensers supplied by Evapco in Johannesburg. These chillers, which use ammonia as the refrigerant, offer high efficiency and green credentials. Unlike many synthetic refrigerants, it is not subject to phase-down or out in the future.

The project planning was done to maximise offsite fabrication and minimise the installation time on site. This saved an estimated 50 to 60 per cent of the site and accommodation costs. The chillers and pump skids were manufactured at the GEA Cape Town workshop.

Pipe route planning, equipment layouts and pipe prefabrication drawings were done using a new Autodesk Inventor plant design package. ‘From a project manager’s perspective it was brilliant working with the 3D models. We could eliminate most of the onsite issues,’ Maccallum concludes.