Designed with yoghurt drinks in mind

Close collaboration between Sidel’s packaging team, and Yili’s Liquid Milk Division has seen the creation of a PET bottle for the company’s new Changyi brand.

Yili’s new PET bottle base

A privately-owned business, Yili Group is engaged in processing and manufacturing milk products, including ice cream, powdered, sterilised and fresh milk, amongst others. The new range of yoghurt drinks is intended to attract active, health-conscious consumers with growing expendable income. This demographic is particularly relevant among young consumers with fast-paced lifestyles who don’t want to compromise on convenience and in the design of the products they choose.

When Yili’s Liquid Milk Division contacted Sidel to discuss the design of the PET bottle for the new yoghurt drinks, it was an exciting opportunity for the packaging team. ‘Our packaging experts delivered a wide selection of creative proposals, producing various conceptual bottles based on different design directions. This gave the client several alternatives to differentiate its yoghurt brand from competitors,’ says Steven Xie, packaging design and development manager at Sidel.

The customer’s marketing department undertook analysis on the various designs, and returned with a shortlist of four preferred choices. Collaborative work continues as Sidel made small adjustments to the different designs that were being consumer-tested. These elements include the shape of the bottle’s base, as customers are on the look-out for a longer shelf-life and improved rigidity to avoid deformation during transportation, without compromising on distinctive design.

Working closely together

‘We leveraged our global expertise in PET packaging design and production. We ran multiple tests to assess the performance of the bottle and finally found the best solution,’ Xie explains. ‘The project was a real team effort. We succeeded in creating a container that combines the customer’s technical requirements and their aesthetic wishes.’

The bottle design was completely finalised within three months and new moulds manufactured for the two production lines dedicated to the new yoghurt range.

Professional approach for product success

The Sidel design team’s drive to succeed paid off when the product design was commercialised and the first bottles rolled off the production line. Zhang Yibo, Yili’s manager for this project enthuses, ‘The design capabilities, technical expertise and professional approach played an important role in ensuring product success.’ The project has further strengthened the relationship between Yili and Sidel. It looks set to pave the way for exciting future projects in the dairy industry.