Developments in forming and extrusion technology

Dutch company DJM specialises in the manufacture of forming and extrusion equipment. It combines the benefits of vacuum stuffing technology and integrates it with various forming and extruding attachments.

DJM produces its own vacuum stuffer, but attachments are easily integrated to other makes of vacuum stuffing machines. Using a vacuum stuffer as a basis for air removal results in a consistent product density. It is then possible to pump raw material at a specific rate, which ensures accurate portion control. The entire system can handle a wide variety of input products from mussels to emulsified products.

Exiting the stuffer, the product is then pumped to one of the various attachments. Using a unique distribution system, the product is divided into the number of forms or extrusions required. Low pressure and shear are maintained through the entire system. Units can pump whole cooked vegetables like peas, corn, cooked potato squares and soft meat cubes.

Low pressure system delivers the following benefits:

  • Maintains raw product integrity
  • Excellent weight control
  • One to 1.5 per cent yield increase
  • Reduced cooking loss
  • Excellent bite and mouthfeel
  • Proteins and spices are not overworked
  • Extreme low cost of ownership compared to other traditional systems.

‘Equipment is seeing interest from customers in the meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, dairy and convenience food sectors. Units are capable of forming, depositing, extruding and co-extrusion,’ enthuses Gary Clack, managing director of Albrecht Machinery. ‘Recent sales of onion ring extruders, high capacity hamburger forming machines, snack food options with varying outer and inner products, accurate depositors and co-extruded snack lines have been concluded.’

DJM is represented locally by Albrecht Machinery in South Africa.