Food Review September 2019

The September edition of Food Review tracks the latest innovations in vegan products for baked goods and the use of free-from ingredients that deliver taste and texture. We also focus on food labelling and important do’s and don’ts when labelling your final product. Water and wastewater treatment is also under the spotlight in this edition. […]

FMA August – October 2019

Manufacturers are facing new challenges to improve flavour delivery across a broad range of food and beverage applications. In the August edition of Food Manufacturing Africa, we unpack some of the last ingredients and technology innovations. We look at Symrise’s new application labs in Nigeria; nature-based flavour carriers that help brands pack a flavour punch; […]

Food Review August 2019

The August edition of Food Review features topical articles relating to the growing market for protein alternatives, conveying systems and cannabis testing. We also investigate the latest innovations impacting beverage processing technology. Don’t miss this informative and in-depth feature. Convenience packaging and form, fill & seal technology rounds off this edition.

Food Review July 2019

Flavour is still the number one factor influencing consumer purchasing decisions. In this edition of Food Review, we track some of the latest clean label innovation in colours, flavours and hybrid drinks. We also look at the changing landscape for robotics and automation and how end of line packaging can improve your bottom line.

Meat Review July 2019

The third edition of Meat Review features the latest ingredient and technological innovations to help grow your meat processing business.

Food Review June 2019

Food Review continues to strive to bring you all the latest information, research and trends that will keep you at your manufacturing best. Highlights in this edition includes DSM’s new Innovation and Application Centre in Isando Johannesburg; an update on sugar tax and the value of NSF registration for non-food compound products.

FMA May – July 2019

The May edition of Food Manufacturing Africa touches on a systems and processes that impact the throughput and profitability of F&B manufacturing. We touch on processes that can save you water during milk production; turnkey solutions for total meat processing and celebrate Angola’s first industrial bread line. We also touch on inroads being made on […]

May 2019

The May edition of Food Review brings you the latest information on how to maintain a constant power supply; news of a state-of-the-art dairy application centre opening in Cape Town and how attaining FSSC 22000 certification impacted a local brewery. Our look at how vision inspection equipment can limit loss and improve productivity rounds off […]

April 2019

The April edition of Food Review focuses on aspects that ensure optimal manufacturing conditions in the food and beverage industry. We touch on logistics and cold chain innovations, the latest trends in herbs and spices and novel ingredients in dairy drinks. We also bring you a comprehensive overview of Propak Africa 2019!

February 2019

This edition of Food Review raises the question of whether your business is future-fit. We bring you the latest innovations in AI for the food industry and provide a sneak peek of the advances in technology, products and service solutions, which will be unveiled at Propak Africa. We also examine how natural colours and flavours […]


Manufacturers on the African continent are seeing the value of upgrading operations and implementing smart technology to optimise output and productivity. In this edition of Food Manufacturing Africa, we unpack some of the latest innovations that can assist this call to action.

March 2019

A connected theme that runs through the food and beverage industry is that of safety, quality, innovation, optimal processing, energy efficiency and waste reduction. In the March edition of Food Review, we see how all these threads can work together to positively impact on optimal processing and output.

January 2019

Some highlights from the January edition of Food Review: We explore the wonders of vanilla; investigate ingredients for a food smart future and look at the technologies and trends that shape the food businesses of tomorrow.

Food Manufacturing Africa November – January 2018

THE AFRICAN CONTINENT has millions of expectant consumers-in-waiting. To access this source of ready cash food and beverage companies must formulate competitive strategies and team up with the right local partners. Geographic opportunities on the continent can be found across several markets. South Africa remains the gateway to Africa, but unlocking the route to market in other countries will pay dividends for the food and beverage sector […]

Ingredients Review 2018

Ingredients Review 2018

November 2018

In the last edition of the year, we bring you the latest information and systems to make your business profitable in 2019. Don’t miss the latest trends in processing equipment and ingredients; how to create an intelligent and integrated manufacturing environment; new trends in ready-to-drink beverages and more!

October 2018

The October edition of Food Review brings you the latest information on how ISO 22000:2018 will impact your company. We also unpack SA’s strict regulatory framework in a format that is easy to understand. Don’t miss our informative article on how to prevent defective products from entering the supply chain!

September 2018

The September edition of Food Review looks at all aspects relating to food safety in the food and beverage industry. We also place the focus on growing demand for baked goods and turn technical with an in-depth look on how to identify and remedy reverse osmosis process challenges. End of line packaging assembly automation rounds […]

Food Manufacturing Africa August – October 2018

AS A STAPLE food, baked goods are showing significant growth. Demand is driven by fast-growing urban populations seeking convenient food items such as bread and pastries. Mintel’s report about this category provides some additional insights. It found urban consumers spend an enormous amount of time travelling to and from work. Many return too late to eat a proper meal and resort to eating bread for […]

August 2018

The food and beverage industry is making great strides in increasing representation of women at the top. There are so many opportunities to usher in the next phase of gender and racial equity. By taking the lead, industry will benefit economically. A more equitable workplace will meet the triple bottom line of a socially responsible business. It is good for business, good for […]

Meat Review July 2018

Journal for meat industry professionals.

July 2018

As I write this, we are experiencing a cold snap. Johannesburg is without colour and as people try to keep warm there is an overriding smell of wood smoke. With everything outside the office window looking dour, isn’t it fantastic to be able to focus on what is bright and beautiful in the world of colours and […]

June 2018

The global convenience food market is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR to the year 2020. Emerging markets may even experience double-digit growth rates in significant categories. We all know that busy lifestyles, ageing populations, convenience, innovation, longer shelf life and ease of use are the cornerstones of modern convenience food. Conversely, technology and packaging innovations are […]


THE WORST OF the South African listeria crisis is over, but can consumers trust that food products are not contaminated with harmful bacteria? Food industry sanitation and hygiene experts agree the worst is yet to come if greater governance and enforceable standards are not implemented.

May 2018

I recently attended a roundtable discussion hosted by Mondelēz South Africa in Johannesburg. A panel of experts discussed ways of restoring consumer confidence in food producers, sellers, processes and government regulation. The biggest take away for me was the need for collaboration between governments, producers and consumers to improve food safety during the handling, preparation and storage of food.

April 2018

The food and beverage industry is dynamic and subject to a constantly changing regulatory, quality and safety framework. I recently attended ABB’s Customer World Africa 2018, held in Sandton, Johannesburg. At the show, latest innovations to digitise manufacturing were on display. I chatted to Marcus Brettschneider, general manager of global food and beverage applications at the company. He […]

March 2018

The theme of the March edition of Food Review focuses on solutions to deal with the listeria crisis. We investigate how to harness the right tech to control harmful bacteria and pathogens in the production area. We also bring you the latest highlights in functional ingredients, food and beverage processing and recycling stats for the […]

February 2018

The start of 2018 has been marked with takeovers; branch and division launches and company anniversaries, but one of the most exciting developments is surely the resignation of former president Jacob Zuma. I trust that a new era in government is underway underpinned by accountable and decisive leadership. This might give the manufacturing industry the […]

January 2018

A quick search for food and beverage trends predicted for 2018 reveals a mixed bag of developments. Markets and Markets, a revenue impact research and advisory agency, predicts automation and robotics will see mass adoption in many food processing plants. This will assist with operational efficiencies, customer order fulfillment and increased throughput and quality. Food […]

Food Manufacturing Africa November 2017 – January 2018

THE MCKINSEY GLOBAL Institute has identified four groups of consumers that will drive most of Africa’s consumption between now and 2025. These include consumers earning more than US$50 000 per year in North Africa, middle-income earners in East Africa and middle-income consumers in Central and West Africa. This is fantastic news for those playing in the food, beverage and […]