August 2017

The ability for food and beverage manufacturers and processors to control risk is a common thread that binds sectors of industry together. Cyber-attacks are relatively new, but as Ransomeware shows us, it can bring your operation to a grinding halt. Find out what solutions and processes you should have in place to offset your cyber risk.

We are only in the starting blocks for the boom in vegan meat substitutes. A study by Mintel indicates the greatest growth is among flexitarians. This group reflects a growing number of consumers who are cutting back on meat. In this edition of Food Review, our focus falls on protein alternatives. We unpack some of the benefits of using innovative products such as pea protein, replacement products for egg whites, and investigate new stabilising and texturising systems.

Laboratory and testing equipment continue to stay in the spotlight, especially in the face of growing concerns over contamination outbreaks such as avian flu. What systems and equipment for Listeria monocytogenes and salmonella control are available and which is the right one for you? We also look at product offerings from local food laboratory testing facilities.

Food processors are continually looking at improving equipment hygiene, especially in conveying equipment. Some are motivated by new government guidelines, or the desire to reduce exposure to product liability claims. Others simply want to improve manufacturing efficiencies through faster sanitation routines or by maximising food safety. For our in-depth feature on different conveying systems click here.

Beverage Review’s focus this month is on processing technology. See for yourself how Air Products is assisting and supporting craft brewers to create products suitable to the local market. We also focus on sensors and measuring technology. Measuring, testing, monitoring or automation is applied to everything from the recording of variables in process technology to the analysis of product characteristics in the food and beverage industry. Find out how sensors are used with increasing success to give products competitive features that set them apart without significantly increasing production costs.

As consumers we are spoilt for choice with the wide array of convenience packaging options with convenience features that are evolving year-on-year. We end off this edition by looking at both sides of the coin: how consumers wanting to economise buy in bulk and make multipack purchases, as well as the consumer demand for small on-the-go portions. We also unfold the latest developments in carton and board packs.