Bakery Review 2017

Welcome to the very first edition of Bakery Review! We are very excited about this new project. This publication
is aimed at bringing you the latest ingredient information, technology launches and software updates in the bakery industry. This supplement is guaranteed to be a helpful tool.

A hot topic currently in the news is the high rate of obesity in South Africa. This fact is placing healthier diets at the forefront of consumer consumption behaviour, especially for indulgent items such as baked goods. Customers, particularly those in the middle to upper LSM groups, will pay higher prices for products offering health benefits. These include products featuring a low glycemic index, high fibre content, fortification, added vitamins and omega oils.

Affordability remains a key factor in these difficult economic times. Manufacturers must ensure that products are competitively priced if they want to gain market share. Leading players must answer to the demand for convenient and smaller packs.

Chris Brockman, food and drink research manager at Mintel, says the following key consumer trends and product innovations are shaping the bakery market in 2017.

‘We are increasingly seeing the snackification of breakfast as consumers lead busier lives. New formats need to target on-the-go breakfast consumers, for example breakfast biscuits. Bakery brands should look to gain share of these new formats by making products portable and snackable.

‘Experimentation has become a key driver in the bakery market and a way to spark interest with younger consumers. Brands are starting to experiment through hybrids. Given that one quarter of UK cake buyers say they are interested in new formats, such innovation could also find appeal in South Africa,’ he enthuses.

Consumers are also experimenting with flavours and types of bread. Growth in the market is being driven by more versatile and interesting bread varieties, such as flatbreads and Ethnic breads.

I hope that you enjoy this first edition of Bakery Review! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.