February 2018

The start of 2018 has been marked with takeovers; branch and division launches and company anniversaries, but one of the most exciting developments is surely the resignation of former president Jacob Zuma. I trust that a new era in government is underway underpinned by accountable and decisive leadership. This might give the manufacturing industry the charge it needs to grow and innovate. It is critical industry doesn’t lag in implementing new trends, technologies and ingredients to reflect the country’s growing optimism.

Paging through an edition of Forbes magazine recently, the following caught my eye – ‘Forecasting trends is a risky business. One of the most difficult aspects of financial and cultural analysis is recognising the importance of, and advising on, strategic implications of emerging patterns as trends. Smart growth strategy in food and beverage requires understanding of which leading-edge trends are scalable and which are likely to remain niche. Important questions marketers should consider include: What are leading-edge trends in your categories? Which leading-edge trends have the potential to scale? Which mainstream trends are weakening?’

What is apparent from a local consumer point of view is that artificial colours and flavours continue to decline in popularity. Consumers are increasingly open to novel, fresh, seasonal and bright botanicals as flavouring agents in a wide range of F&B products. This also ties in to the use of organics, single source extracts and sweetener solutions. We bring you information on a full kaleidoscope of new flavours including spicy, herbaceous flavours, bitter extracts for cocktails, gin and confectionery and rich intricate tea profiles – a perfect way to add flavour and depth to a multitude of products. Turn to page 16 for our comprehensive feature.

Beverage processing technology is an evolving science. In this edition we look at Krones’ seamless twin flow concept for process engineering for highly sensitive beverages with a high fruit-cell content (page 28) to Serac’s combination PET linear blower with rotary weight filling machine (page 31). This technical feature is not to be missed!

This month’s PACKAGING REVIEW investigates modern technology in modified atmosphere and vacuum packaging – a must read.

I hope you enjoy this edition of Food Review. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your latest news and views.