Food Manufacturing Africa Aug-Oct 2017

The manufacturing landscape on the African continent is continually evolving. The ability to adapt to new requirements, whether governmental or consumer driven, has never been greater. In this fast-paced environment, quality laboratory and testing equipment, in-house testing and validation is critical. Labotec partners with some of the world’s leading brands, and understands the unique challenges of the market in Africa.

Toppings and fillings are two of the most colourful and delicious ways to add interest, flavour and mouthfeel to baked goods – enhancing value to potential customers. South African-based Vivit Foods supplies quality fruit preparations, syrups, sauces jams and confectionery products to the food and beverage, bakery and dairy industries. The bakery feature also looks at the Tetra 650 automatic tin spraying system. The stationed system can spray 650 baking trays per hour with its new cake-lease spray releasing agent.

Cocoa bean characteristics are extremely important to consider when formulating new products. In this edition, we take you through some of cocoa’s most salient colour and flavour features and debunk cocoa’s alkalisation process and its impact on leavening goods.

A dairy processor in North Africa has reduced its energy consumption by up to 40 per cent, reducing environmental footprint while doubling capacity. It also reduced processing losses by as much as one-third and generated a return on investment in just two years. Cue the OneStep dairy aseptic processing technology. The system eliminates storage steps, reduced product losses and maintains consistent product quality.

This edition of Food Manufacturing Africa ends on a high note as we unpack Behn + Bates’ new hygienic concept, the CareLine technology. This fill, form and seal system is ideal for filling powders into common PE film bags. With this technology, the company is well prepared to meet rising hygienic demands in the food industry and tread new paths with customers.