Food Manufacturing Africa August – October 2018

AS A STAPLE food, baked goods are showing significant growth. Demand is driven by fast-growing urban populations seeking convenient food items such as bread and pastries. Mintel’s report about this category provides some additional insights. It found urban consumers spend an enormous amount of time travelling to and from work. Many return too late to eat a proper meal and resort to eating bread for supper and often breakfast too. Bread appeals to low-income consumers because it’s cheap, filling and can be combined with a variety of toppings.

To drive value growth, bakeries can increase portfolios by increasing highquality, packaged products. These categories show faster growth in retail volume sales due to growing disposable income and a desire for convenience. As competition increases and markets veer towards sophistication, the ability to provide high quality, but competitively priced products is critical.

In this edition of Food Manufacturing Africa, we bring you some cutting-edge ingredient and technology solutions to get your bakery to the next level of sophistication.

Disruptive Radiojet technology is set to change the way traditional bakeries do business. Instead of utilising mixing tools, the system forces high pressure liquid into dry ingredients. On page 12 we bring you the full technical breakdown.

A total of six surveys published between 2000 and 2015 indicate that mean calcium intake of men and women is far below recommended amounts. Enter Omya’s Calcipur (page 14). This ingredient assists bakers to increase calcium content, without affecting sensory or textural properties.

Sugar is a contentious topic in the broader industry, but specifically in baked goods.

Global ingredient supplier Taura, dealt with the challenge by developing JusFruit pieces as an alternative to increase the sweet stakes naturally. Research found baked goods containing these ingredients are just as sweet as full-sugar alternatives, but allow claims of ‘less sugar’ on listings. Our article on page 20 reveals all…

We have two interesting case studies in our beverage section. We look at work done by GEA with the Almarai Company in Saudi Arabia and how Algerian beverage producer SARL Nomade (page 27) has modernised its production facility with technology from KHS. The latest innovations in inspection, coding and marking are under scrutiny on page 29.