THE WORST OF the South African listeria crisis is over, but can consumers trust that food products are not contaminated with harmful bacteria? Food industry sanitation and hygiene experts agree the worst is yet to come if greater governance and enforceable standards are not implemented.

Gareth Lloyd-Jones, chief commercial officer at Ecowize indicates the African continent is still at high risk of further cases of listeria and other foodborne diseases, as the real cause of the initial outbreak must still be addressed. If these situations are approached reactively, it is only a matter of time before another deadly outbreak occurs. Being proactive in the face of safety, hygiene and processing issues is the first line of defence. This edition of Food Manufacturing Africa looks at how plant managers can effectively manage compliance alongside traceability by using suitable operations management and software. Turn to page 14 for the full story. We also investigate TraQtion, powered by global food safety leader NSF International. This cloud-based food safety compliance software for the food and beverage industry (page 17) offers real solutions. Capabilities include advanced specification management and supplier, product and site compliance.

Food processing technology is constantly evolving and turnkey solutions that optimise value recovery, output and quality is at the heart of what drives this sector. On page 18, DFS Process Solution gives a full breakdown of its total turnkey solutions for meat processing, while Chiorino’s HACCP specified conveyor belts are in the spotlight on page 20.

GEA has specified process solutions for flavour manufacturing (page 22). New machine designs, which include control and cleaning elements for production facilities from handling of raw materials to final packaging, can impact on getting perfect flavour to your customer.

Beverage processing technology is also under review. Sidel has allowed an Italian dairy manufacturer to double its aseptic production of UHT milk. Find out how this plant benefits from a simple, safe and sustainable packaging line (page 26). We also
bring you the very latest product and technology news in rigid packaging. All this and more on page 28.

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