Food Manufacturing Africa May-July 2017

The African continent is playing host to a number of exciting conferences, bringing the latest in local and international initiatives and technologies to our doorsteps. A new project, Africa feeding Africa, will be launched at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Ibadan, Nigeria in September. The event will look at strategies for transforming agriculture on the continent; achieving food efficiency and turning Africa into a net exporter of foodstuffs. In June, South Africa plays host to Africa’s Big 7, which will feature a number of food security conferences. Main topics include offsetting food waste; the future of Halaal food on the continent and preserving food supply.

Cleaning-in-place is under scrutiny in this edition’s company focus. Radical Waters’ innovative electrochemically activated water technology is under the spotlight. This revolutionary hygiene system is part of a new wave of equipment that replaces chemicals and processes, which could impact negatively on the environment.

Rapid industrialisation and modernisation in Africa are having profound effects on food safety and hygiene as well as preventing food borne disease outbreaks. Thavan Naidoo, a lead food safety auditor and consultant at The Food Safety Network looks at food hygiene and infrastructure challenges on the continent and how mitigating these factors can impact on halting food-borne outbreaks.

It’s predicted that consumption of soft drinks in Africa will increase by almost 29.54 per cent by 2020. Finding authentic African flavours has just got a new twist with an expanded product offering from Aromatech. The new flavour portfolio focuses on exotic flavours based on African plants and seeds. For more on this story, click here.

Our feature on Rigid Plastic Packaging unpacks the reasons why a number of African food and beverage markets are steadily moving away from glass bottles and jars to rigid packs. This move can result in a number of benefits for converters, including high-impact strength and improved high barrier properties. Used in conjunction with Multifresh films, this type of packaging offers converters, brand owners and consumers a win-win combination.