Food Manufacturing Africa November 2017 – January 2018

THE MCKINSEY GLOBAL Institute has identified four groups of consumers that will drive most of Africa’s consumption between now and 2025. These include consumers earning more than US$50 000 per year in North Africa, middle-income earners in East Africa and middle-income consumers in Central and West Africa. This is fantastic news for those playing in the food, beverage and packaging markets. The ability to think out of the box and implement new systems and technologies will assist in driving growth.

On the news front, AB InBev has announced the transition of its 54.4 per cent equity state in Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, while Diageo has increased its commitment to growth over a five-year forecast period. Turn to page 7 for more on how these developments will impact the beverage sector on the continent.

Technological disruption in business is marching relentlessly forward and is a critical business enabler. Without it, no organisation can hope to thrive in today’s competitive markets. Tsar Business Solutions, an ERP solutions provider with an African footprint, benefited from the PartnerUp programme from Syspro by optimising its sales training. To read the full story, turn to page 12 now.

The protein alternatives market has seen a major shift in consumer behaviour, which is causing renewed interest. Soy proteins in particular are making their impact felt in new types of protein. These include peas, rice and chickpeas. On page 16 we look at some of the benefits of plant-based proteins, including lower formulation costs and sustainability.

Changing tastes and preferences are driving the beverage industry. Approximately 30 per cent of the more than 3 900 beverages produced by Coca-Cola globally fall into the low or no-sugar categories, and 18 out of its 20 top brands now feature a low or no-sugar option.

On page 21 we look at how Beneo is tying in with this trend by focusing on the physiological effects of sugar replacement, using ingredients that have a sugar-like indulgent taste and texture and contribute to balanced blood sugar levels.

Our packaging section (page 25) features a wide selection of articles, from radio frequency/dielectric heating systems to inspection systems that guarantee superior quality cheese.

This is the last edition of Food Manufacturing Africa for the year. I look forward to working with you all in 2018 and wish you a happy, safe and prosperous holiday season.