July 2017

We have closed off entries for the 2017 Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition, and this year sees a whopping 39 entries – the most we have ever received. To see a brief glimpse of the products entered click here!

Handyware Industries is a company that puts its money where its mouth is. With its head office in China, the company’s South African operation was established in 2012 and is housed in a modern FSSC22000 certified facility in Gauteng. Find out why South Africa is becoming the preferred destination for global operations in our in-depth interview with Peter Tan.

High quality food and beverage products that feature natural ingredients are affecting all sectors of the market. We look at some of the challenges of formulating with natural grape and beverage anthocyancin colours and baobab fruit powder, which provides nutritional fortification, flavour enhancement, texture modification and so much more.

Waste is generated at all stages during processing and manufacturing. Whole improved efficiencies are continuously chased to reduce waste and cost, although significant opportunities are often missed along the way. Find out how to combat the scourge of waste by turning waste into profit with engineering specialists, Talbot & Talbot. The company recently installed four anaerobic digesters in the food and beverage industry. These units harvest biogas generated as a replacement source of fossil fuel.

Beverage Review looks at the evolving market for energy drinks. A high percentage of South African adults battle to retain energy throughout the day. At the same time, performance and recreational athletes want products that help optimise performance and recovery. This is fuelling the need for scientific research to establish the bioavailability and efficacy of bioactive compounds linked to health benefits.

Growing demand in food preservation has led to advances in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Find out how active and passive MAP aims to extend shelf life to ensure the quality and integrity of products. Packaging Review also unpacks the clear future for glass. As one of the oldest food and beverage packaging materials, we look at hygienic, easy-to-use and efficient solutions for filling beverages into glass packaging.

Included in the July edition of Food Review is the stand-alone supplement for the meat industry professional, Meat Review.