June 2017

The days of labour intensive industrial food preparation could be numbered. Robotics and automation are impacting the way processors and manufacturers respond to changing demands in the industry. Efficiency, reliability, low spoilage, higher overall productivity and overall uniformity are the real benefits of upgrading your facility.

In this edition of Food Review, automation experts point out some of the significant benefits and increased ergonomics of automation in a bakery environment. A new project, launched in the UK, aims to enable a step-change in the adoption of robotics and automation to enhance productivity, so we look at the latest information on the use of robotics in the food manufacturing industry.

Thermal processing often gets a bad rap, due to its association with canned vegetable products. In our feature on convenience food processing we investigate three examples of how different types of thermal processing can increase the quality and sensory aspects of ready-to-eat food. We also unpack the latest technology in lightweight, and 100 per cent recyclable packaging .

The international credit rating agencies’ downgrade of South Africa’s government bond to below investment grade, will not necessarily have a catastrophic effect on the country’s poultry industry. See what Chris Coombes of Sovereign Foods has to say about surviving the downgrade.

Globally, wine demand has risen to 242mhl – up from 240mhl in 2014. Wine producing countries must seek to maintain and expand their domestic and international market shares. These products increase colour stability, mouthfeel and structure. Don’t miss our in-depth Q&A on the effective use of tannins in the wine industry.

Packaging aficionados are in for a treat in this edition of Packaging Review. The plastics industry has been paying attention to the hype surrounding biodegradeable or compostable packaging. See what happens when Plastics|SA and SAPRO come together to dismiss misconceptions surrounding biodegradables. Don’t miss our insightful report back on the recent Interpack show.