May 2017

The time has never been better for food and beverage formulators to explore their manufacturing expertise, by creating irresistible and on-trend products.

Reflecting the growing interest in low fat and baked goods, the South African snacks market is expected to mirror global interest in pulse-derived products and speciality starches. Ingredion’s Constantin Drapatz takes us through some of the latest ingredient innovation launches defining the category. Combining the right technical information expertise with a functional ingredient allows textures to be modified to suit a specific product. We also investigate Cargill’s new solution enabling confectionery manufacturers to achieve optimal texture and transparency. C*Clearset 35426 is a blend of speciality starches that can reduce drying time by up to 50 per cent in gelatin free wine gum applications.

Globally, cheese consumption is on the rise, increasing from 15 million tonnes in 2000 to an expected 25 million tonnes by 2020. An array of new opportunities for cheese manufacturers now exist. The ability to process cheese quicker to meet growing demand is critical. Two new products, DSM’s Delvo Cheese CT-Taste and DuPont’s Choozit cheese cultures, are giving dairy manufacturers the means to deliver products with unparalleled consumer value.

Afrox has unveiled a revolutionary system that radically reduces sauce chilling time. The patent-pending Accu-Chill SC in-line cooling system uses liquid nitrogen to rapidly chill pumpable hot liquids. The product is ideally used in the ready meals and convenience food market.

In this edition, Beverage Review focuses on innovations that can result in brewing better balanced beer. We investigate new opportunities for uniquely grown South African hops and the use of isomaltulose in alcohol-reduced or alcohol-free malt beverages. Hygiene applications for the beer industry rounds off the feature.

Consumer safety is a key topic for manufacturers, who will never intentionally send contaminated products into the market. Packaging Review looks at how implementing quality assurance technology has become a standard requirement in the industry. The feature investigates how implementing effective inspection and detection systems can significantly reduce the risk of contaminated products reaching retail shelves. Read all about this important topic here.

Keep up with all the latest news and views affecting the bottled water industry. Be sure not to miss Ripples & Waves, the official newsletter for the South African National Bottled Water Association in this edition!