Meat Review 2017

Welcome to the very first edition of Meat Review! The publication is aimed at providing specialist editorial for processors in the red meat and poultry industry. It is our objective to bring you all the latest ingredient information, technology and software updates to assist your business in implementing streamlined and profitable processes.

An industry report by Euromonitor reveals that rising incomes in South Africa have resulted in an increase in the consumption of meat and related products – fantastic news for local farmers, abattoirs and processors. While chicken remains the most popular type of meat consumed, pork, lamb, mutton and goat continues to see little growth. Pork and goat meat are relatively unpopular in South Africa for various reasons, ranging from religious beliefs to perceptions that the meat is inferior to chicken and beef. Lamb and mutton are considered more acceptable and remain popular in South Africa.

While demand for organic meat remains low, awareness of the benefits of organic meat is steadily growing due to the public concern about various farming practices; the use of growth hormones, and genetically modified agricultural produce. South Africa has already seen considerable growth in free range and Fairtrade food products. This is likely to result in significant growth for organic meat, while it remains a premium product. Some feedlots have integrated further down the value chain and now sell products directly to consumers through their own retail outlets. Abattoirs have also begun to integrate vertically in the direction of wholesale distribution. This reduces the need to rely on intermediaries and helps them to maintain low unit prices.

I hope you enjoy this first edition of Meat Review. If you have any comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me