September 2017

The September edition of Food Review investigates a broad range of pioneering ingredients, technology and fit-for-shelf food and beverage products. The ability to think out of the box is what defines future-oriented companies. This remains a focus area for the publication.

We kick off this edition by looking at the exceptional growth curve at Busch Vacuum Pumps Africa. The company continues to build on its reputation as a professional, flexible and solution-based vacuum specialist and is showing strong growth outside its South African borders with agents established in Egypt, Kenya and Namibia to name a few.

Professor Yanga Zembe is a socio-anthropologist and researcher who has published her findings on why South Africans eat what we eat. The article makes for fascinating reading on how food not only meets our nutritional needs, but also plays a role in our emotional and physiological wellbeing.

This month we focus on tremendous opportunities available in the dairy food and bakery industry. Local start-up, Food Tech Ingredients has landed a major contract as the sole distributor of Du Pont in South Africa. A new development bakery launched by Quantum Applied Food Science will now allow bakeries to replicate craft or industrial bakery applications.

The recent fibronil scandal is under the spotlight with our article from Linda Jackson of Food Focus. Although microbial contaminants often take centre-stage in discussions about safety and hygiene, chemical contaminants and residues should not be underestimated. We also unpack the new service offering from Michem Dynamics.

Big news in the beverage industry is the buyout by Long4Life. This acquisition presents a strategic opportunity for the company and positions it perfectly in the rapidly growing beverage sector. For the full story click here. We also unpack the latest innovation in water processing systems.

This month’s Packaging Review has its finger on the pulse with comprehensive security features and end-of-line equipment. Don’t miss our sneak peek on what is available at Propak Cape 2017.