Driving multi-sensory and nutritional excellence

In line with Doehler’s company motto “We bring ideas to life” the company will present pioneering products and product applications for the food and beverage industry at the Anuga trade fair in Cologne from 7 to 11 October 2017. The focus this year is on innovative solutions, which reflect the core topics of naturalness, plant-based nutrition, Nutritional Excellence and Multi-Sensory Experiences®.

From fine pralines with delicious fillings, to functional gums with valuable proteins, to premium organic yoghurts – under the guiding principle “Turning the best out of nature into Multi-Sensory & Nutritional Excellence”, Doehler will present the visitors with exciting ideas for successful products which relate to the modern, healthy lifestyle of the consumers and create unique Multi-Sensory Experiences®. This wide range of innovations is based on Doehler’s comprehensive and unique portfolio of natural ingredients, consisting of natural flavours, natural colours, health & nutrition ingredients, cereal ingredients, dairy ingredients, speciality ingredients, dry ingredients, fruit & vegetable ingredients and ingredient systems, all of which will also be presented at Anuga.


Enjoy Multi-Sensory Experiences®

The perfect multi-sensory product experience is in the focus of every new development at Doehler. The company will present numerous ingredient innovations, which appeal to all the senses at Anuga. These include innovative colouring powders, which create brilliant colours, crunchy granulates made from fruits, ginger, spinach or yoghurt, as well as bitter extracts and new fruit flavours which open up extraordinary taste sensations.

Visitors to Doehler’s stand can experience the extensive ingredient portfolio thanks to the numerous perfectly tailored multi-sensory product applications. The newest concepts include the finest creations in chocolates and pralines, for example with a green smoothie filling or matcha powder, delicious coconut-based dairy-free desserts, as well as tasty ice cream containing the trend ingredient “Cold Brew Coffee”. Doehler will also present its innovative solutions for the baked goods industry. These solutions comprise both sweet and savoury baked goods, such as fruity and sweet chocolate cakes and crunchy cookies with a delicious filling, delightful Mexican tartlets or pumpkin-carrot ciabatta.

Through years of experience, comprehensive industry expertise and global networking, Doehler succeeds in identifying local taste preferences and developing customised concepts for the different consumer target groups. At Anuga, Doehler presents its extensive portfolio of Adult Soft Drinks that are explicitly tailored to the consumer requirements of the 25+ age group. Our innovative double brewed teas, brewed sodas or kombucha impress thanks to less sweetness and unique flavours. Doehler is also showcasing innovative solutions for non-alcoholic beers. Through the application of the innovative MultiSense® mouthfeel extract, these beers impress with their full mouthfeel.

Driving Nutritional Excellence

Consumers want foods that not only have an outstanding taste, but also impress thanks to natural ingredients and healthy added value. Plant-based and low-calorie foods, and “free from” solutions are more popular than ever. Doehler will present new concepts that harmonise indulgence and health at Anuga. These range from protein milkshakes and dairy alternative drinks to functional gums with proteins or gluten-free brownie cookies. The company will also present its new range of MultiSense® flavours in addition to numerous sweetening solutions that allow reducing sugar by up to 100%. The MultiSense® flavours range can be used to achieve significant sugar reduction without having to use sweeteners, or to improve the taste and mouthfeel of reduced-sugar products. The portfolio comprises flavours in both liquid and powder forms which can be used in a wide range of foods and beverages.

“Turning the best of nature into Multi-Sensory & Nutritional Excellence”

The topic of “naturalness” is becoming more and more important in all food segments – and confectionery and baked goods are no exception. Thanks to its global procurement network and its own fruit and vegetable processing facilities in the world’s most important growing areas, Doehler has secured direct access to the production of high-quality, natural ingredients. The company uses gentle technologies to refine the best nature has to offer and make it even better. This helps create innovative products with valuable ingredients which provide Multi-Sensory Experiences®. Whether organic fruit yoghurts with ginger, organic jelly rhubarb or high-quality NFC juices – at Anuga, Doehler will present new concepts which provide a natural and healthy added value thanks to the use of purely plant-based ingredients, such as fruit pieces, fruit and vegetable purees, as well as botanical extracts.

New types of confectionery and baked goods, innovative beverage concepts, as well as natural ingredients and ingredient systems, all this and more awaits visitors to Doehler’s stand at Anuga 2017, where they can be taken on a multi-sensory journey to discover a great variety of ideas for the next generation of successful food and beverages.

Visit Doehler in Hall 8.1, Stand A10 at Anuga 2017