Effective control – from ingredients to retail shelves

Matrix Software offers two custom manufacturing software solutions for most processing and manufacturing plants in the food, beverage and meat industries.

Branded as Meat Matrix and Food Matrix, the technology is a must-have solution for any industry where stock control, yield management, traceability, productivity and cost margins are a necessity.

The software is developed in South Africa specifically for the African market, thereby giving the benefit of support and cost-effectiveness as opposed to expensive foreign systems.

The technology is leased on a month-to-month basis. This reduces the initial up-front capital outlay – ensuring successful implementation and ongoing support.

‘Our footprint spreads across South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Full operational shop floor systems for food, bakery and meat industry
  • Controls margins from all aspects namely costings, profitability, yield control, stock control and statistics
  • Systems linked together in one package – from raw ingredient to retail shelves
  • Full MRP System – calculates yield outputs and recipe ingredients
  • Traceability on all products that conform to standard
  • Standard costing system for all block tests and recipes.

We count small retail outlets to huge processing plants utilising over 100 workstations on our books,’ enthuses director Deon Snyman.

‘Our software is compatible to the latest mobile technology including Smartphone, iPad and Android. Ultra-fast and reliable SQL server access components, ensure encrypted data storage. It also integrates with probes, scales, label printers and all major scanners. It is a must for any operation in the food industry that requires better control, cost savings, traceability and information needed to identify problems and react faster. It also integrates into most financial packages available in the market,’ Snyman concludes.