Using Open Innovation to fast-track new technologies

Food innovation and investment in new technologyDo you want to stay at the forefront of food innovation in 2013? A report, based on a recent survey by Leatherhead Food Research, explores the role and importance of emerging technologies and open innovation in the food and beverage industry. In particular, it hones in on the various measures that need to be taken as we approach the next phase in tackling salt and fat reductions in food.

Global trends such as health, nutrition, sustainability, and energy and resource efficiency influence corporate agendas; and technologies are continuously emerging to aid achievement of these, as well as needing to maintain product excellence.

Open Innovation is a relatively new tool in product development cycles but one that’s being embraced by the industry, as a structured mechanism to look beyond the limitations of their own knowledge sphere. This is particularly the case when scouting for technology that may deliver a commercial advantage through enhanced health benefits, and the associated claims such as fat and salt reduction, in addition to the drive to reduce energy and waste footprints of manufacturing processes.

For more information, go to the NUTRA ingredients website and download the report