Trace your products every move

Inspection machines and markings on packs are beneficial in a number of ways. They help meet traceability requirements, assure consumers of product authenticity and help manufacturers save time and money. Packaging Review looks at the new technologies to be released this year.

The 3-CI Case Inspector protects the integrity of brands

The 3-CI Case Inspector

Filtec recently introduced new inspection systems for the food industry. This is a continuation of its 60 year legacy of ‘firsts’ and the production of quality systems. The company filed a patent for its first empty bottle inspector in 1959 which led to the introduction of inspection system automation. Filtec subsequently released an optical fill level and infrared inspection technology and this year, it is celebrating 60 years of industry leading excellence in inspection systems.

Filtec is launching several new systems to demonstrate its innovative approach to inspection and to meet ever-changing industry demands. The company’s Intellect+ and Auratec will debut at several tradeshows. Its legacy inspection systems such as the Filtec Fill Level, 3-CI Case Inspector and OMNIvision3 continue to protect the integrity of brands. The inspection units track every movement on the packaging line from beginning to end to keep operations smooth and products, flawless.

‘Throughout Filtec’s history, innovation has driven our success and approach to new product development. The Intellect+ is an all in one interface that integrates with all Filtec’s systems and it is future proof. As your business grows and evolves, so does the system. The Auratec is a smart and dependable pressure detection system equipped with a laser beam and line scan camera. It provides unmatched accuracy in the industry. We’re continuing our legacy of providing inspection systems that meet our customers’ needs and maintain the integrity and quality of brands,’ says Dr Joachim von Meyer, Filtec’s MD for Europe and Africa.

Dependable and modular

The Intellect+ is a scalable and upgradable system that will expand as a business grows. The innovative system integrates seamlessly with a company’s systems which saves time and money thanks to the commonality of parts and a reduction in training requirements.

Its current applications include 360° crown or cap inspection, bottle sorting, body and neck label inspection, date code inspection and fill level inspection. It also offers an easy changeover time of under five minutes.

Smart and dependable system, Auratec provides production line assurance with true and consistent detection. It guarantees high inspection resolution and eliminates false rejects due to alignment. Multiple adaptive algorithms evaluate image data in real time at speeds up to 1200 cpm.

Increase productivity

Filtec’s finger rejecter is described as a perfect choice for sorting and upright rejection of empty and full containers. Designed to meet customers’ requirements, the multi-finger state of the art electropneumatic control is a low maintenance upright rejection system with precision alignment. It inspects more than 73 000 containers per hour.

Referred to as the fastest on the market is the OMNIvision3 empty bottle inspector. It operates at speeds up to 1400 bpm and comprises 360° inspection capabilities. The system has over 200 independent inspection zones across 18 inspection categories. Processing up to 16 ultra high resolution images per container, the OMNIvision3’s software is 100 times more powerful than that of PC-based inspection systems.