Flexible solution to bulk packaging from LC Packaging

The Q-bag from LC Packaging retains its structure within the limits of the pallet, even after it is filled Throughout the continent, and especially southern Africa, an evolution is taking place in transport and the use of bulk bags is steadily on the increase. This form of flexible packaging can greatly benefit food industries. Used as a container to transport dry food and raw ingredients to manufacturers, bulk bags reduce transport cost, limit the amount of space needed in the warehouse and better protect its contents.

The agricultural and industry packaging specialist, LC Packaging, has been working to increase awareness among African companies about these benefits. It is achieving success with its Q-bags among African starch and grain producers.

Patrick Swinnen, director of LC Packaging Africa, comments ‘Big bags simply offer the most cost-effective solution for intermodal transport and storage of bulk materials. Although this type of packaging is still relatively new in the African market, it is increasingly used thanks to improved logistics corridors and increased investment in commodities and agriculture’.

The form-stable Q-bag is fitted with an internal structure of baffles. The baffles ensure that the bag remains stable after filling, with only minimum bulging. The innovative design allows the pack to stay within the dimensions of the pallet when it is filled, guaranteeing an optimum load during transport.

The bags feature excellent barrier technology to properly preserve products and can be tailor-made to the filling and discharging needs of customers.

They are produced in South Africa by the company or its dedicated production partners. The bags are certified according to relevant industrial norms and certifications, including food safety standards.

LC Packaging serves local markets across Africa through its network of account managers, who visit customers on site to help find the perfect big bag solution for their needs.

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