Retail-ready packaging is here

Four speakers addressed an audience or retailers, food manufacturers and brand owners at the food & drink technology Africa presentation meeting held in Johannesburg.An audience of brand owners, retailers and manufacturers received an update on retail requirements on packaging at food & drink technology Africa’s second round of presentation meetings throughout South Africa in 2015. The trade fair’s organisers hosted the informative sessions together with the VDMA German Engineering Federation.

Guest speakers at the Johannesburg meeting included Nick Tselentis from the Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association; Vera Fritsche from the VDMA German Engineering Federation; Karen Banks of Krones Southern Africa; and Steffen Manke from Bosch Packaging.

Manke’s presentation offered insight into the growing movement towards retail-ready packaging. He explained the term refers to packs that allow products to be delivered to a retailer in a ready-to-sell merchandised unit. The packs enable product stock to be placed on shelves without the need for unpacking.

Manke points out the use of these packs are being driven by their ability to help consumers identify products on shelf with greater ease. These containers also increase on-shelf recognition of packs and make transport packaging more sustainable.

He predicts these packs are set to increase in South Africa as more discount stores open. The packaging may also reduce labour costs as retail-ready packaging can be pack on shelves much faster, reducing the amount of employees needed to stock stores.

The advantages of this form of packaging may not apply to markets in all African countries though, where transport leaves goods vulnerable to weather conditions and insects. In these environments, robust tertiary or transport packaging solutions are vital.