Cheese powder power

Cheese-powder-dairy-industryWhen thinking of cheese, we don’t often give much thought to the powered variety. In this article, Charlotte Lisbonne takes a look at how food manufacturers can formulate new and exciting products using cheese powder.

Cheese powder is a versatile ingredient made from natural cheese which has been diluted and dried to make a concentrated solid. During this phase of processing, specialist drying technology is used to preserve the original characteristics of the product i.e. taste, colour and texture.

While it sounds like a simple process, the technology involved is advanced. French-based ingredient supplier Vinpai has honed the process down to a fine art. The company is currently releasing its range of innovative VinCheese powders to the food industry. Clocking in at 98 per cent cheese, this innovative product can be used in a number of different applications, preserving the natural characteristics of the main sensory profile.

How formulators can use cheese powder

At industrial level, using cheese powder as an ingredient can make the production of cheese-based foodstuffs straightforward and cost-effective. When making large scale cheese sauce, using powder negates the use of fresh cheese. This in turn offsets some of the supply chain and refrigeration challenges experienced on the continent. 

When using a high quality cheese powder as an ingredient, food producers can claim that the product “contains cheese” on the packaging/ingredients label. Manufacturers can in turn then specify the type of cheese used. Cheese powder is an excellent ingredient for quality, analogue cheese production. It can also be used extensively in snacks, sauces and prepared meals.

Vinpai offers a full range of quality products that make use of the following cheeses: emmental, cheddar, camembert, goat’s cheese and mozzarella. The company has just released a new blend of several cheese varieties, which will hit the right top notes in cheese flavoured products.

Cheese powder can help to optimise production. For one kilogramme of fresh cheese, only 300 to 500g of cheese powder is needed to get the same result. As a dry ingredient, cheese powder is easily transported and stored. It also offers shelf life of up to two years.

Cheese powder can assist in the local production of high quality, cheese-related products that are easy to manufacture. With the availability of this product, there is no need to import fresh cheese for industrial preparations. The ingredient can assist in developing new solutions and will raise the quality level of manufactured products. 

Africa enjoys access to some of the best food production technology currently on offer globally. As an ingredient, cheese powder forms part of these innovations. The ingredient is supplied in Africa through Mekz Limited.