SIAL World Tour winners announced

Although South Africa’s KWV Earth’s Essence did not crack a nod at this year’s SIAL’s World Tour, the global range of products indicate that South Africa is a strong contender and an innovation leader. The coveted first prize ended in a tie for Spain and France. SIAL chief director, Nicholas Trentesaux was on hand to present the awards at a cocktail evening during the exhibition.

Sial world tour

Jaime de Haro Requena of Distribucion Acutalidad’s winning entry was the Dia Balance range. These products can assist in glucose control in diabetic patients. The range includes breads, pasta, snacks, smoothies, chocolate bars and dairy desserts. It is the result of collaboration between dairy food producer Calidad Pascual and Esteve Pharmaceutical laboratories. The product was formulated in direct response to the current health issues faced by consumers where they often have to give up products that taste good in order to stay healthy.

World Tour

France’s Florence Dray of LSA’s Ugly Cereals incorporated the trend towards less food waste. Billed as “Ugly cereals that are just as good and cheaper”, the product is riding the wave of ugly vegetables seen in the market recently. The Les Gueles Cassees Collective made its name with its campaign of non-graded fruits and vegetables selling 30 per cent cheaper in big box stores. The company has now extended its approach and offers cereals with visual defects, but identical quality at a third of the price.