Clean labels to the fore

Fresh Earth enters Food Review New Product CompetitionConsumers have made their definition of clean labelling clear. They want to see ingredients that they are comfortable and familiar with; items they have in their homes and would use in recipes themselves.

That’s why owner and nutritional chef at Fresh Earth Bake House, Matthew Ballenden is excited about the launch of a range of delicious treats that contain minimalistic real food ingredients that are of the best quality possible. ‘In an increasingly complicated world where informed consumers are seeking simplicity on food labels we take pride in our ethical values and our philosophy to source and include only the finest, authentic, real food, quality ingredients in everything we make.  You’ll never find artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or trans-fats in any of the products we put our name on.”

For Fresh Earth Bake House it’s all about old-fashioned goodness and peace of mind for those of us who are concerned with what we put into our bodies. ‘Our message for today’s food savvy consumers, who are more focused on real quality food, positive nutrition and less processed foods than dieting and calorie counting,’ says Ballenden, ‘is that they will find a range of products at Fresh Earth Bake House that’s as close to nature as is possible.’

The new range that has been entered into the Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition includes the following:

  • Cookie range:

  • Gluten Free cookies in Choc Chip, Cranberry Almond and peanut butter flavours. (This range contains natural sugar)
  • Gluten and Sugar Free cookies in Madagascan Vanilla, Ginger Root and Mocha Chocolate.

These scrumptious morsels are packed in 200g pouches for prolonged freshness and then boxed for protection.

  • Sugar and gluten free shortbread

These creamy, buttery, delicately flavoured shortbreads are available in 140g windowed boxes that showcase their luscious wholesomeness. Traditional flavours such as Vanilla, Chocolate Hazelnut, Pecan and Rooibos are simply sigh-delicious.

  • Granola Bars

The range of flavours are Natural (Original), Berry, Chocolate and fabulously trendy Chia.